Nox Nut In Oklahoma

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This story is about a friend that I call a Nox Nut because all he can talk about is his Equinox 800 .

Our path cross about the time he had his car stolen and his Minelab detector was in the car too . The Nox wasn’t out yet but I told him all about it and he needed to wait. I myself had already put my money down for one with Rob.

At a later date he too ordered the Equinox 800 from Rob and after hearing what had happen to him let’s just say Rob helped him over the hump .

This guy has a name and that’s Tony . Tony has been sending me pictures of his finds .I really believe that he loves his Equinox 800 so much he sleeps with it .

What you see next is some of the pictures of his finds. The picture where you see it in the water the handle has foam around it to keep it afloat.

Oh he ordered the 6” coil from Rob and loves it.

 Chuck 59CFB4D1-A66F-4C33-B538-0901738237F5.thumb.jpeg.bcbe420586aab4c185041b09ba18b623.jpeghuck 













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