Help on Jim Straight and Larry Sallee books (kind of a repost)

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Hello all! I can not seem to find a copy to purchase of the 8th Edition of Jim Straight's Follow the Drywashers Vol 3. The Nuggetshooters Bible.  I have the 6th Edition and I would like to see what has been updated and added since.  I have heard there are over 40 new pages of material!

The other book that I have been wanting to read is Larry Sallee's The Complete Unabridged Zip Zip!  I just can not afford the $200 price tag on this book nor do any libraries have it.

I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me borrow their copies.  I would only need it for a couple weeks.  I would pay for shipping both ways (PayPal friends), I could even put a deposit down or something.  Would anyone be willing to give a hand?  Thank you!

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