Nothing but the GOOD STUFF, Gold that is!

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Hey All,

    Thought you might want to take a gander at some more gold pictures.  Can't talk too much about this patch yet, but it's a good one.  All the gold is from a Minelab GPX 5000 and Minelab GPZ 7000.  Two guys hunting together, gold nugget patches will be found.  Hope you enjoy, it's still out there for sure! :ph34r:  The largest piece shown (picture # 1) in one of the pictures is 1.9 ounces solid, several 1+ ouncers and a lot of smaller bits.  

I told the animals they are on Candid Camera right now. :blink:




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Hey Rob did you find those at whats his names outing 

Come on Mike you can say Bill's name.


No wonder you didn't make it to LSD this weekend..... 

?Yea Chris he was sick...  That fever really got him....   Gold Fever that is.


Congrats on the gold.

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Hey Guys,

   No, this was not found recently, like last weekend.  I had plans to make Bill Southern's Nuggetshooter outing, but I was really sick (about 5 days worth).  This patch was found awhile back by myself and partner.  There is more gold, a nice specimens is just peeking through on one of the pictures .... :ph34r:  What's nice is the gold is a bit different with some unique shapes that don't so much show in the pictures.  When the gold was cleaned, some beautiful edges and shapes are really shown.  

I've been blessed with some nice patches over the years, but that is not saying I or my partner has not done a lot of ground work, research and such.  This does include a lot of days of not posting and skunks .... :(

It's out there, keep the passion alive! 

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