Sierra Vista Motel Closed - Congress, Arizona

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Hey Guys,

    I was out around Stanton earlier this week and a customer said the Sierra Vista Motel closed in Congress.  I was a bit surprised, as many of my customer stayed there each year, even new customers coming down for instructions.  I called Cindy personally and asked, she said she has been trying to sell for several years.  She said since she couldn't sell it, they decided to make it a place for their family.  

Just a FYI if anyone has plans on attempting to stay there in the future.  The best places now will be Wickenburg or Prescott for Hotels/Motels or several RV parks outside of Congress beyond the LDMA Mining camp at Stanton.  

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Rob,the last time i was there the rates were close to the same Cindy was asking that was a couple of years before the fire ,the hotel is not fancy but it is quite and it is not far to get to rich hill by means of the old stage road(Mina raod).






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Yup ... She has been trying to retire for a couple years now. I've spent a lot of time there over the years before I moved out here. Every year from 2003 to 2011 I spent the month of February there. Got to know her and family very well. She ran the best little motel in Arizona for sure. Sorry to see her finally close it down but folks just don't seem to want to invest in mom and pop enterprises today ... too much real work to make it work! Would have been a great place for a young couple to grow. 

Just for the record I also heard recently that the laundromat across the street from the motel also closed. I saw that one coming. The owners current or past just didn't reinvest in the machines or the facilities. Too bad ... now folks will have to go to Wickenburg for laundry unless some local takes in laundry.


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