Rumors of the 15% Military Discount Could End Soon???

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Hello All,

    A couple of customers called this morning and ordered detectors stating they heard the Military Discount was going to end.  This was total news to us, so I'm in the process of trying to confirm this from Minelab directly.  Until I hear else wise we are still honoring 15% off on any Minelab metal detector.   We have been honoring this discount since it has been available.  I feel it's a way Minelab and the Dealer can give back to anyone that is an active or retired Vet.  

I will follow up with more details once I hear them.  If anyone else has heard this, I would like to hear about it.  Maybe I'm just the last guy on the block to get the so called bad news ..... :angry:

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At least you guys have been getting a military discount.

Here in Australia, the home of Minelab, we get nothing, which is very poor from Minelab ! 

My father, who served his country for 30 years, including 2 tours of Vietnam, had to pay full price. It was a bitter pill for him when I told him about the discount that the Yanks get !


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