Four Minelab Customers = 3 Gold Nuggets on Training

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Hello All,

   Today I met up with four customers that purchased Minelab detectors from us at Rob's Detectors.  We did training on the GPZ 7000, SDC 2300, GPX 4500 and a Gold Monster 1000 today.  The morning was very cold, down in the low 40's.  Within a few hours it warmed up nice and everyone was out detecting for a gold nugget.   One customer from Alaska hit a nice specimen on his second target of the day (pictured below).   For several hours all of us where struggling to turn another gold nugget up, as they were really hiding well.  After lunch two more gold nuggets popped up from the GPX and GPZ customers.  

Overall it was a great day, couldn't beat the weather in the afternoon and 3 gold nuggets were found.   

Thank you all for your business with Rob's Detector Sales.  We promise to help you from this point on become very successful nuggetshooters! 

P.S.  Last picture is me using the Gold Monster and the new prototype DetectorPro Gold Series headphones for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000.  They worked really great and I'm hoping Ronnie and DetectorPro start building them soon.  





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