gpx 4500 settings, what works for me

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made it out today and was able to nab 2 pieces 9 grains and 8 grains.  i was detecting soil that i am guessing is the bottom layer of an ancient river. the soil is dark red with lots of iron bits. the 9 grain piece was recovered at around 12" down. profile of a corn kernel, thickness of a watermelon seed.  i was in disbelief at how small it was compared to the signal. it was at the fringe, but a definite target.  my settings were factory preset deep mode, enhance,  fixed, mono. i tweaked the gain to 10-12 and stabilizer 12-14 keeping them within two clicks of each other. gain 12 stab 12 was working good too. it ran pretty noisy most the time, but not so much that you cant distinguish a faint target. mostly emi. volume set at 2 so your ears dont get blown out. threshold just high enough to keep a constant hum. i have a few spots i need to go over again now that im learning the machine more. anyone else have settings they have found to work well?

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I'm always "experimenting" with settings on mine , But I have never had the Vol. down to 2.
I'm OLD an hearing impaired thou.
Do you refer to the main volume at 2 or the target vol. at 2 ?
What coil are you using the factory 11 dd ?



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Hey GS,

   Experimenting with various settings on the GPX units is the key.  From one location to the next, the ground conditions change and even the type of gold.  The GPX has so many combinations you can play with.  I remember many years ago at one of the big Minelab Dealer Conferences an Engineer stated the GPX has over 2,000 various combinations.  The GPX is probably the most versatile detector on the market.  

Congrats with your continued success.  

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