Ending the 2018 Season, Entering the 2019

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Hello All,

    Well we just ended the 2018 season.   I have to tell you, I'm blessed.   The 2018 season wasn't the best for business, but at the same time it wasn't the worst.   The overall economy is much stronger, so hopefully that means business will get better this new year.  My wife lost her Mother earlier this year, so that was a very tragic turn of events.  Right towards the end of the year, I lost a great prospector friend.   You never know what might happen, so you really need to cherish all the time with family and friends.  

As for gold hunting, it seems like every year my time in the field becomes less and less.  I was able to get out a bit towards the end of the year and even found a  few decent pieces.  I'm hoping I can really get out the first quarter of the year while the weather is still beautiful and do some exploring an maybe working some old patches that could be hiding some better gold at depth.  

I want to personally thank you all for supporting Rob's Detector Sales.  We truly appreciate it and hope we can continue to help new prospectors get out and find their first piece of gold with a metal detector.  

God Bless you all and hope your 2019 season is Golden. 

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