Could this be a 20K find?

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Hey Fishing, 

   I'm a bit confused, beyond it's a great specimen.  You said the Dry weight, which would be the total weight is 504 grams.  I'm not sure how there would be 583 grams of gold within a 504 gram specimen, as that is the total weight of the rock, correct?  

If the dry weight is 504 and you had 504 grams of gold, then the entire rock would be gold, right? 

I think you might have typo-ed a number, if not, maybe I'm confused.  


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Ok complex math problems are not my strong suit so I decided to start over. 

Dry Weight 540g and Wet Weight using distilled water 358g

540 - 358=182

540 divided by 182 = 2.967032967

2.967032967 - 2.63 = 0.337032967

0.337032967 x 182 = 61.339999994

61.339999994 divided by 25.97 =2.361956103

2.36 onunces of gold

73.4639206705 grames of gold 

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So I guess I was in the 1-ounce club with my 1st detected gold. I went 2 years before finding that specimen and thought I had picked the most difficult hobby I could have picked.  I keep that specimen on a counter in my kitchen. I have always considered it equal to catching a 10 pound bass. I'm not sure why I never did the specific gravity test on it maybe I thought I would be disappointed. 

I have had it for 10 years now. I'm not disappointed it was and still truly is a trophy. I know that it is wire gold and chemicals would make it what it should be, but maybe I'll wait awhile 

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