White’s TDI BeachHunter In Action

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In the March issue of Western & Eastern Treasure mag. it’s a review of the BeachHunter and with pictures of what it can do .

 The first picture is the cover and the next one is on the inside cover of White’s ad for it . The last is the start of the review and the author.



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Hey Guys,

   The TDI Beach Hunter is getting a lot of attention.  That being said, not sure how it would do on small gold nuggets.  A customer is mine is looking at one for deep water dredging on the Salmon River.  Any thoughts?  I would think it might not have the needed sensitivity to small gold in the range of several grains to 1/5 of a gram.  

As for the 30 best kept secrets to finding treasure, let me see if I have a copy.  

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On 9/4/2019 at 11:39 PM, Pinkpanther1 said:

Hi guys I have s beachhunter in the uk and woul love yo read that article 

would it be possible to scan and send me it please ?



The booklet "30 best kept secrets to finding treasure" can be gotten as a E-book from Whites' website for $1.99 US.


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