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I'm looking to start joining clubs in the Southern California and Western Arizona regions and am wondering what the good clubs to join are now? I am seriously contemplating the Roadrunners, but I don't really know any other good clubs in Az. Also, was wondering if the WSPA is still around? Looked at their website and it did not look as though it had been updated for almost 4 years. So, what club/clubs have the best claims in the Gold Basin, Wickenburg, Morristown, Quartzsite, etc. areas of Arizona? Thanks in advance for any help.

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I would start by joining the GPAA, since many of the better clubs are actually Chapters of the GPAA. In So Cal the Hemet Valley Prospectors and Route 66 Gold Prospectors are really great groups of folks. If you can make it over to Phoenix this weekend for the GPAA Gold Show both of those Clubs will be in attendance. As Mike says, the GPAA has a major presence in AZ. Hope this helps; HH Jim

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Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate the information. Just wondering....does the GPAA Lifetime Membership offer a payment plan, and is it really worth the money? I am absolutely going to join the RRPC in the next few months, but in the past I remember countless people saying that the GPAA claims are basically worthless and impossible to find anything of size on. Just wondering if that has changed? Is the WSPA still by invitation (or referral) only?

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