backyard hunt with great surprise

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On 17th Feb, still winter but not real cold I decided to take my Equinox 800 out and practice some more as I just got it after Christmas 2018 and there is so much to learn. I didn’t want to go far so I walked out of the house crossed my neighbor’s pasture and went detecting some grassy lands with apple trees on it approx. 50 yards direct line from my house. My neighbor’s good friend Juergen showed up and was real interested in my new Nox 800 which I ran in Field 1 / Gain 22 / Recovery 6 / 2 Tone / Iron Bias 4 with an additional check-user-program same as Field 1 but limited to 10 KHZ only. Checking a target with this prog, especially pumping the coil over the target often results in an iron sound and then I sometime dig to verify it is iron. A part of the learning process. Anyhow I received a very high (in the 30ies), consistent (cross sweeping) target signal. My user prog. did not give any iron low tones either. So I dug the target still talking to Juergen who was really interested watching me dig the target. At a depth of about 10” I unearthed an almost round, my first thought was “man what a huge coin” item. I showed it to Juergen and he took off to give it a wash. I could not believe what I was seeing. The Badge “Seefahrt ist Not” is a commemorative badge which dates back to 1935 “Tag der deutschen Seefahrt” and is still sold today with a little different appearance (without the swastika). The ship shown on the batch is the Gorch Fock (the 1st 1933). Nothing special followed. I found an old pendant maybe copper but unable to read anything on it which might belong to the owner of the land (she’s 81 years old now). She might have lost it when she was a kid so I will show it to her next time I see her. Just about leaving I received a very good coincided signal – cross sweeped – still solid – check prog – still solid – no iron tones – and I dug a 10 Rentenpfennig 1924 in a VERY nice condition. Boy howdy what a day. I’m still learning the Nox 800 but my Nox rocks! At least for me it does!!!!! Can’t wait to get me the 6” coil and hit some places where people party a lot……


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