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 I currently own a Minelab Gold Monster 1000 and a Minelab Eureka Gold. I have arranged a purchase of a new GPX4500 that I will have in the next couple of weeks.

 O.k., so here is my conundrum! I am contemplating selling my two VLF detectors and picking up both a NuggetFinder Sadie coil and a NuggetFinder Evo Coil (either the 12x8 or the 14x9). I would kind of like to narrow things down to just one detector, but will one detector do everything?

 My thought is that I could use the Sadie coil first and cover a grid looking for the small dinks, then switch to the bigger coil and re-search for the bigger and deeper targets. I would like to hear some opinions from you guys! Should I sell the two VLF's and just use the GPX? Sell just the Eureka and keep the GM1000 and the GPX? Or keep all three of them? 

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A good VLF is an ASSET to owning a P.I.
I'll tell you WHY ?
Yes as you said you can dink away with small/tiny coils on the P.I.
There will be times however that you will want a easy access , quick to pull out LIGHTWEIGHT VLF 
As a go to for searching new areas, and ALSO for when you just don't feel like dealin with the P.I. and all the gear needed for it.
So list the Eureka for sale and hang on to the latest technology.
Hapy Huntn.

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If you get down on a really deep target, a vlf like a goldmonster can be used to pinpoint the target. Trust me, a vlf with a tiny coil has helped me save quite a few large deep gold nuggets from being damaged by my pick. I would get a 14x9 coil and skip the other. In my opinion the 14x9 is the best all around coil for everyday detecting. It covers good ground, get into tight places, and hits on deep targets. Find some gold, use your detector and then see if you want another coil. I would stick with the 4500 and the goldmonster.

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The consensus on both of the forums I frequent is that I should keep the GM1000, so I just listed the Eureka on both forums. I was really leaning towards the 14x9. Seemed the just the right size. Thanks for all the input. 

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Not mentioned here yet. But you have driven far to get to your area or four wheeled back in or hiked quite a way. You find a nice looking area and fire up the Minelab and nothing. Forgot this cord or that. EMI messing with Minelab. You trip and smash your Minelab and don't have part to fix it. No worries pop that VLF outta your pack or from behind your truck seat and away you go. Not a wasted trip. A backup is a good thing. 2 is 1 and 1 is none. Got to send the Minelab in for service. Go detecting with the VLF until Minelab is back from service. Sometimes the shoulder gets burned out from the Minelab. Pick up the VLF and continue the mission. 

My 2 cents 

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Thank you so much for all the replies. They helped me a lot. The 4500 has been ordered and according to the shipper, and FedEx, it should be here Tuesday. Since I didn't do a whole lot of research before ordering, I didn't know anything about a 10x5 commander coil or I would have ordered that instead of the Sadie. I am going to take some good advice and spend a long time learning the machine....something I didn't have the patience to do when I owned my first 2 GPX5000 machines! I'm really excited about getting out with this machine and hopefully, with enough practice and research, I can finally get a coil over some gold again. I have listed the Eureka Gold on this and another forum but have had no interest, so unfortunately I guess I'll wind up with 3 detectors after all...lol. 

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