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Un Patented Mining Claims


Paradise 1,2 and 3   60 acers  Hard rock Gold,silver,  3 claims sold as one.   Gabbs NV.   Lots of old cabins and artifacts  two open Adits, call for details $4500.00   remote

Badger Hill Hyd. Mine (could be  a drift mine).  40 acres of old channel.   Dry  Used to be a very productive mine.  potential is still there.  I just metal detect it in my spare time.  Quincy, Ca   Book written about it (Giants Roar by Scott Lawson)  $4500.00


I'm retiring and moving to AZ.   Please email or cell phone 530 375 0841  for more detail.  Thanks bj

Badger Hill 10.jpg

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The only reason I'm selling Badger Hill is I'm getting out of CA.    Moving to Yarnell, AZ  I've detected the Badger  for years.  Long before it came open.


The Paradise  Mines are high  7200 ft.   very remote.    Just E. of  Gabbs NV.    Huge brick kiln for roasting sulfides   I wanted to bring it home  for a smoker.......There is an old shaker table top in one of the cabins  which tells me there is free gold  probably in the lower elevations.Large mineralized quartz veins down there. Two adits are still open  several others most likely could be with a little work.

map Paradise Mines.png

Paradise 5.jpg

Paradise 7.jpg

Paradise 9.jpg

Paradise 25.jpg

Paradise 18.jpg

Paradise 16.jpg

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