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I was out with Dave last Tues. doing some detecting/exploring new ground up around LSD and as im walking over to another wash, the detector screams. I find this thing laying on the surface. I knew exactly what it was as soon as I saw it.  It broke off of something.......any guesses? Like I say, I know what it is. :) Will let ya know in a couple of days if no one figures it out.  Oh, and it is made out of titanium. 
Tom H.


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Well, what it a finger seal. It covers an area between the augmentor (afterburner) and the turkey feathers on a F-16. If you dont have them...The wind will rip the turkey feathers(AKA, external nozzle segments) off. I have changed out a lot of them in my career in the AF. Hated every one. :)  You have to open up about 4 turkey feathers to be able to reach in and undo 4 bolt/nuts to get the finger seal out. The nuts and bolt are just about at finger tips length, yah and your face is mashed against the rear of the turkey feather.  Then re- do it without dropping any nuts or bolts. I would like to meet the engineer that did this and smack him in the head :)  Well, finding it brought back memories :) 

Tom H. 



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They always cracked. Jet engines put out a high frequency vibration that will make rubber wear through steel and any sharp angles crack. The round area at the end of the slot reduces cracking...but they still break.

Tom H.


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