Gold Monster Large Coil

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Thanks for posting on this Rob. I have not tried it but coming from the Gold Bug 2 the large coil produced very well for me.

My thought was if no one uses it couldn't Mine lab decrease the price of the machine eliminating the large coil from the package?  

I am sure there is someone has figured out its settings and type of soil to run it in and is just killing it but reluctant to share their success 

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Hey Fishing8046,

     I guess that is always possible, but I doubt it will happen for these reasons.  

The Fisher Goldbug 2 is $764 with just one coil, 6.5 or 10 inch.  If you want the Combo, you are around $850 or more.  

The Gold Monster is much newer VLF technology, full digital and is $799.00 with both coils.   I think the price is right and I couldn't tell you how many thousands have been sold here in the US alone.  

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I never used the larger coil on either the GB2 or the Monster. Start getting too much ground noise. Like Rob said. the Monster will sniff out the smallest gold. Smaller coil makes the target easier to hear/find.

Tom H.


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