New to metal detecting, and excited to get started

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Hello, I wanted to introduce myself and say this forum is pretty cool. I’ve been into prospecting for a few years, but have generally just dug in interesting places and panned the dirt later. I got a cheapo metal detector and have wanted a gold detector ever since. I am still deciding between the Gold Bug 2 and the Gold Monster 1000, but I think I’m leaning towards the minelab detector. (The gpx and z are out of my price range for the moment, but definitely on the wishlist!)

I know this place talks about Arizona a lot, but if anyone has some hints on where to get started in San Bernardino County California, I would appreciate a push in the right direction. 

There is a mountain not far from me that once hosted some very impressive hard rock gold values, and to my knowledge no placering has been done in the washes below the outcroppings. There’s never been any major rivers in the area so I wouldn’t expect it to be particularly concentrated, but would this be the kind of place you would check out?

thanks, I look forward to posting some pictures of shiny soon!

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Welcome to the group. I would go with the monster. I sold my GB 2 after I saw how the monster performed and got one. :)

Really like it and how it handles ground mineralization. 

Tom H.


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As a fellow relative-newbie I’d suggest joining GPAA if you haven’t already. You’ll gain access to their claims as you’re learning. 

As a beginner it’s fun to prospect new ground but every now and then it’s nice to go somewhere that you know should have “some” gold just to ensure you’re on the right track with your prospecting and detecting. 

Also, don’t get discouraged. Detecting is harder than say, drywashing. I’ve found many small bits drywashing but nothing yet with my detector. Just started in January. 



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  • Admin

Hey Click,

  Welcome to the forums.  There are tons of great guys/gals here that will help for sure.  I know a handful of Nuggetshooters around the San Bernardino County.   Hopefully some of them will chime in and help, as I'm not real familiar with that area, nor I have hunted around there.  

Thanks for joining! 

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I just placed my order for the GM1000!

Re: Bill McCoy - I’ve had a GPAA membership in the past and didn’t renew it a couple years ago when life got too busy, but I do know the local claims pretty well (they have very small gold). I also have access to some club claims that I’m part of. None of those guys I know are really into detecting.  Good idea to take it somewhere that has known gold to make sure I learn how to use it properly.

Re: BrownNugget - I’m in Hesperia currently.  Good to know there are other members nearby!

Re: nuggethunting - Thanks for hosting!

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