Short Father's Day Hunt - A few Gold Nuggets Found

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Hello All,

   Hopefully some of you were able to get out for a short hunt on Father's Day.  I left this morning around 3am and arrived at this old placer location around 5:30am.  I hunted with the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector for about 4 hours and ended up with a handful of iron rubbish, a few non-ferrous targets and 3 gold nuggets.  There is a gulch in this location that is stacked from the top to bottom, but the amount of rubbish the old-timers left makes it difficult to detect.   I could only dig so many targets before  I was exhausted from digging along with the heat.  

I was lucky enough to find the larger nugget, 4.1 Dwts during the first 15 minutes.  The other two nuggets were 2.6 Dwt's & 0.7 Dwts.  Not too bad for a quick hunt.  

I wish I could just click my fingers and  the iron rubbish was removed from this gulch.  I believe there is a lot of gold left, making me wonder why the old-timers were so sloppy.  I guess they did so well here what we are finding now didn't compare to what they recovered.  


Its still out there ..... 

P.S.  Doc's new "Amazing Qweegle Bungee Cord" works wonders on the GPZ.  This is the best bungee to date I have used, much better than any previous version or Minelab's.  



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