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Thanks Rob :) I loved this place for some reason, but the "red ramp of death" i'll call it actually scared me lol. I think i'm going to spend a day out there and flatten it near the end. I'll show you a picture of it. The video didn't show how bad it actually was and unfortunately that's the only way to the claim that i'm aware of.


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Great Pictures !    You have all the finest equipment for finding gold, but you`l need to learn how to use those products. Best of luck out there !

I'm back everyone 🙂. Took me awhile to heal from my last endeavor 8 days ago. But i'm back ready to go. Note too self don't mess with neck muscles. My next Expedition will be on the 11th, Monday.

I'm back! was awesome! didn't make it too Sando but made it too Cass No. 9 instead.  I wanted to walk from claim corner marker to each corner marker but only made it about 200ft from the SE claim

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I found my first piece of gold ever with a gold pan, about 5 feet in front of where you parked. It was a GPAA claim at the time if I remember correctly. Of course, the gravel was about four feet lower at that time and the bedrock in front of you was exposed as a ledge. Hard for me to believe, but that was over thirty years ago. It's still out there, good luck. Later...Jim P.

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6 hours ago, garikfox said:

Thanks Jim P., Interesting! Do you think the last major storms filled it with gravel?

Always changing, probably been filled and blown clean many times over the years. Depends on velocity, suspended solids, duration Etc. That's why it pays to get to know an area, so you recognize newly exposed bedrock or reduced overburden above bedrock. Later...Jim P.

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