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Coiltek has come out with three coil just for the Equinox.

10X5” $ 219.00 

14X9” $ 239.00 

15”     $ 269.00 


For myself I’d like the 10X5 but for others their wants may be different.

 Put your name in the pot to order one from Rob .


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Now a Minelab dealer on another forum has said he got a email from Coiltek saying the first price posted is correct.

 Just maybe they won’t come up with something else.

 I don’t know why they had to go up on the Nox but they did .


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Hey Chuck,

   You're prices are correct on the new Coiltek NOX Searchcoils.  

If anyone is looking for one, contact us, they will be selling quickly due to the pre-order demand on them.  Also, we just got the new, updated 2021 Version of the Equinox Handbook in stock.  

10"X5" NOX COIL (C04-0018)
MSRP - $243
MAP - $219
14"X9" NOX COIL (C04-0019)
MSRP - $266
MAP - $239
15" NOX COIL (C04-0020)
MSRP - $295
MAP - $269
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Hi...10x5 appears as though an incredible option in contrast to the 6 inch with nice 10 inch swing inclusion and same or marginally more prominent profundity. The overlooked details are the main problem, and on the off chance that you do the profound jump you'll locate the 14x9 was weighted deliberately for water chasing. At 880 grams it is somewhat HEAVIER than the 15" round (836g) and 220g heavier than the ML 15x12 (660g). On a nose weighty finder, no chance I would consider the 14x9 for land chasing, and even the 15" appears to be a heap for the inch or two of profundity, max, it may have over the stock and the 15x12.

pcb assembly quote

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