Gumbo Police Gonna Bust Me Anytime Now!!!

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Well, it's 103 degrees in the shade over here, but Sweetie and I had a major hankering for some gumbo! So, I browned a little Cajun sausaage, put in some rue,chicken thighs, legs and breasts, some okra, a bit of green onion and parsley and now, I'm just waiting for the knock on da door from da gumbo police. I expect they'll break my wooden spoon and confiscate my iron skillet that I make the rue in. Everyone knows that ya ain't supposed to cook gumbo when the temp gets higher than, what, 60 degrees, right???? But, what the heck, it's Fathers' Day! Right??? LOL

HH, ya'll!


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Darned you would have to mention OKRA! I was just telling my uncle last night, I sure would like to have a mess of Fryed Cat fish, OKRA and Hush Puppies. I guess i'll just settle for the pinto beans and cornbread, and fried tatters. Grubstake

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