Moore Creek Week 3 Tidbit

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Talked to John on the satellite phone today. Between John's voice, my hearing, and the satellite connection it was lots of repeated talk!

But one tidbit I did get was that Rich lampright scored a 3.65 ounce specimen/nugget. Looks like Rich's run from last year is continuing, as this beats his largest from last year of 2.56 ounces. I do beleive this would be his largest find ever. And it looks like the Moore Creek tradition of later weeks finding larger gold continues - what's up with that?

Unfortunately it was so much effort getting info between John and I we did not go on at length, so we will have to wait until later to hear more about Week 3.

I am returning to the mine July 3rd, so I will catch the Week 4 people on their departure day. I'll be staying about 10 days, hopefully doing dozer work, and so will see the first couple days of Week 5. I'll be caretaking the camp for the one week we shut down in the middle so John and Bob can take a break in town for a week.

Steve Herschbach

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Good to hear that Rich scored...again... Seriously though, I'm glad especially with his delay getting into Moore's and all the other stuff. It looks like either the nuggets were still hibernating or had to ripen in the Alaskan summer sun. In any case, it must be good news for Moore Creek Mining and the pay to mine operation. Shows lots of promise for nugget hunters thinking about next year.

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Hello Steve,

That dirty dog Rich Lampright!! :P:P:P Good to hear he hit a nice one with all the stuff thats probably on his mind with his Father's health. Rich is a very methodical hunter, so I pretty much knew he would do well. Any updated on where he hit the nice 3.6 ouncer?

Rich must have sent me a dozen or so emails, and also talked with Glenn for several hours on the phone. Glenn and I are both curious on where he might have hit it.

Rich also mentioned he might have left a nice nugget in a hole last year.

Congrats to Rich!!

Rob Allison

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