Wow, missed alot!

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Hi Rob & Co. Bob, DOC and all you other folks,

Glad to be back reading the forum again having been gone for a month or better due to deaths in the family, kids moving in/out/back in & being dragged back thru court this year and every year for the past 9 yrs. with my ever so lovely Ex. :angry: and all sorts of other misadventures. Got that off my chest. now I feel better - at least for a couple of days. Gotta go beeping here real soon to help ease the tension even if I don't find any Au.

ROB, Glad to see that the AK trip was a good one - esp. for Glenn (Way to go Glenn!! B) ) and glad to see all that attended had a good time and no one got eatin by a bear. I might have to save up & try to go next time. Good friends & good times are just as good as gold ;)

Well, I just wanted to say hey after such a long time away from the forum.

Keep on beeping B) - Frosty

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Hello Frosty,

I was wondering what the heck happened to you. Glad you're back around, we all missed you. Sorry to hear about all the bad things that happened, hopefully everything is going well now.

You're going to have to get back down here this Winter. Yes, Glenn kicked everyone's butt at Moore Creek during the first week. However, Rich Lampright is at Moore Creek right now (3rd week) and is determined to beat Glenn's 12+ ounce record for a single week. However, I have my fingers crossed Glenn will keep that record and I beat it! :P

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Hi Frosty,

Good to see you back. Glad to see things come together for you.

Was out in the hills today and man it was smoking hot back in those canyons.

Got in around 3:00 this afternoon and the temp. was standing at 115.

Guess the upside is, you sure don't see a crowd of people in the hills.

Later, Bob T.

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Hi Guys,

thanks for the warm welcome back it feels good :D

Rob, if anyone can beat Glenn it'll be you but it looks as if Glenn is going to give you a run for your money or gold :lol: If things work out I'm going to be in Az in Oct. around Tuscon (3 points aka:Robles Jct) with the minuteman project and I'll try and get to Phoenix to hook up & get a few days of beeping in if that'll work for you, I'll keep ya posted

CO. Bob, your absolutely correct that there are very few folks to compete with when the temps are so high when you go beeping. I'm afraid that you might have already fried the ol'grey matter to be out beeping in those temps :blink:

Be careful & stay hydrated before, during & after beeping, I'm sure you're well aware of that. It can take up to 13 days to get your body hydrated again :o at the cellular level if you get to dehydrated, just a little info. that others may heed.

Thanks again for the welcome back & keep on beeping B) - Frosty

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