Someone Hacked in to Bill Southerns Forum,

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Grubstake- you ought to make a movie about it: Grubstake kung fu Hack Hustle.

Get some chinese actors and english subtitles and some nifty little hatchets and a cranky old woman that don't take no s... but can hack some hacker like h...

Shore nuff, add to yore retirement. pay for some meds, and a supercharged powerchair that would let you see the grand canyon and the statue of liberty. You could be the terror in the aisles at any casino, and people would be hounding you for a autograph (or maybe a hack chop with your hand) Nuff (hack) for (chop chop) now (oooowwwww)!

Let walmart know when it comes out on DVD.

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So thats quite a directors imagination for a possible Hollyweird Hit.......what would the movie be called?Title?Main stars?

Hacking IS kinda chicken s* ranks right in there with dumping spyware in your machine.......wonder if he had a reason to hack?


PS No offense to ya Grubstake.I got 86'd from a bad situation on that site...Bill did me a favor by doing more spyware on my computer. :D

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I only compared it to Kung Fu Hustle, because the guy who wanted to be a gangster, came up to an apt complex and started in on people.

The first one he challenged was some farm girl, who punched him hard enough in the stomach for his mouth to bleed. then he took on others and his dish wasn't much better.

Then the guy threw a firecracker over the fence, threatening to call in his gang, the hatchet boys, and coincidentally, one of the leaders (of the real gang) got his hat blowed off, and that's when the regulars in the apt complex come to life and let them have it.

It was kind of farsical, but if you get the DVD, it has all kinds of interesting notes.

In a parallel movie, grubstake would play a key role, and be the one who conquers all, setup in the hills around Mariposa and the miner background; maybe high plains drifter and kung fu mixed in together to tell a moralistic story to all potential hackers:

hack my computer babay and get hacked up in real life.

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