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Hi Flak,

Thats another great site :D I've tried Deep/Sensitive underwater and noticed a lose in depth, but using manual tune, its gave me sharper signal response on targets and I feel deeper too. I even tried Detac Amp, but it was to noisy also, best for me - Manual Tune - 16 from end to end, 8 center then 31/2 turns to left, in DD, Fixed, Deep mode, all rest Normal settings :rolleyes: GP 3500, has paid for its self and then some ;) I've only been using it since end of Jan, when got it from Rob Alison :D

Take care,


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You are right about everybody buy's from Rob but I want to be the first to buy the GP4000. It's on back order now because I want a digging arm on it. The problem is how I'm going to swing it with all that weight. Thats why now I like to hunt up hill so I don't have to bend over so far.

Fun in the Sun in Texas.I don't think AZ can be this hot but we did get rain today.

How is it down down south? Chuck

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Dear Big Ed;

Who doesn't buy their Minelab PI detector from Rob Allison? :D

Your friend;


:D True, and sorry Rob, Rob Allison :rolleyes: Can't wait, should be getting new wesuit gloves W/cevlar finger & palms for faning the last of the gravel/sand, any day now. :D

Thanks again LAMAR, on why gold sounds softer/muffled underwater - got me experimenting, found using Manual tune, was the answer ;)

Take care,


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  • Admin

Hello Guys,

These are just my opinions, but this is how I run my detector and I can't complain. I can find the 1-2 grain dinks and deeper stuff when it's there.

For shallow bedrock hunting conditions I run the GP3500 in "Fixed, Sensitive & Normal."

For areas where I think there is potential for large gold nuggets at depth, I will run the GP3500 in "Fixed, Normal & Deep."

If I'm hunting for small nuggets at depth, I will run the GP3500 in "Fixed, Sensitive & Deep." There are rumors/reports that if you run a GP3500 in these settings you will loose large gold at depth. I'm not sure there is any solid evidence of this at least here in the States. I found several large nuggets running these exact settings ... so go figure! The hole was well over two foot deep! :o

P.S. Thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate all your business. It's YOU that keeps this small "Mom & Pop" dealer a float. ;)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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