Rob Done It Again!

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I think the only thing that could make it better would be buy one and get the second one Free! :rolleyes::D

Look at July deal and compare to any other. I don't think anyone has ever out done it yet.

This may be the month I buy that new detector but you won't see me in AZ until it cools off.


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Dear Ridge Runner;

Yep, Rob is da man! You see, my friend, Rob HAS to provide better prices and service than everybody else becuase all he has is us, and not a little covey of minions pimping his stuff for him. :D

Your friend;


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  • Admin

Hello Chuck,

Well this is probably one of my best packages you will see. You're getting a lot of accessories with this bundle package, including the new Coiltek Pocket Rocket System. This is newest, lightest Li-Ion Regulated Battery System available for the Minelab SD/GP's. With this system you get (2) 7800mah Li-Ion Batteries, Smart 12v car/Wall Charger, Adjustable Regulator (6.7 or 7.3v) & Small carry pouch which can be mounted on the detector's control box cover.

Along with the battery system, you also all the other stuff for FREE!

I've already had one customer purchase one of the deals and it's only been listed for 2 days! :P Don't worry, I have all the stuff in stock. ;)

P.S. Thanks for all the Loyal Customers out there. Lamar, you have been great and purchased a lot of stuff. Customers and friends like you keep me going! Detector sales slowed down just a tad, but the accessories and searchcoils are still moving very well.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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