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Hello All,

Good friend and customer Dave M. from Ohio sent over these photo's. They were taken a few weeks ago at the famous "Pay-to-Mine" Moore Creek Operation in Alaska. Take a look at what the new Waterproof Coiltek Platypus found! :o This coil is an absolute sleeper and I can't keep the damn things in stock.

I'm hoping Dave will post more details of the trip and weights.

Congrats to you Dave! :D

Rob Allison

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thanks rob!

well, as far as details on the trip to moore creek go, it doesnt get a whole lot better than moore creek alaska! beautiful country and great gold potential. also great hosts, gotta thank steve, john pulling, and bob for their great hospitality, and great cooking on bob's part. awesome improvements from last year.

anyways we had pretty good weather, mostly in the 70's, it only rained about a day and a half the whole week. which didnt stop most of us from detecting. the mosquitos did become a bit thick a couple days in, but weren't really much trouble. we did not have any bear encounters, but the geologists did come flying back to camp one day, as they encountered one up the mountain a ways from camp while working, and it seemed to take special interest in their dog as i understand it. just a great trip all around.

i had pretty good luck with the gold this year as well, more than doubled last years take at moore creek. most everyone did fairly well in week two.

the weights on nuggets in the pictures you posted were: 2.75 oz., .73 oz., .39 oz., .37 oz., .07 oz., and .03 oz. all were found with coiltech coils, most with the platypus including the 2.75 oz. one, which is my largest nugget to date. that is one hot coil! just hope the luck carries over to arizona this winter.

thanks again rob, dave

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Hello Dave,

Thanks for giving us a bit more details on your finds. You sure did well with the new Coiltek Completely Waterproof Platypus Searchcoil. This coil is a "Sleeper" when it comes to hunting underwater. However, I have found several nuggets above water with it also in the 2-3 grain range.

I'm sure your luck will continue out here in Arizona this winter season. Make sure you let me know when you come down and maybe we can get a hunt organized.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Very nice gold Congrats. on your finds. I'm glad everyone is waking up to what this coil can do, it a real winner for sure. Best coil I have as far as getting in to tight places andgetting the nuggets. I hope more of you try this coil, its dynomite.! Grubstake

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thanks all.

the platypus is definately my favorite coil, money well spent. i was really suprised at the sensitivity of the coil as well as depth it got.


sounds good,

im sure we'll talk before i come out, but right now looks like ill be there january thru february. i'll let ya know.


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