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Hello All,

Speaking of those "Bounce" tissues! I'm not convinced it wasn't a joke for the Alaskan Mosquitos. One of the days at Moore Creek the bugs were getting a bit bad so I remembered about the Bounce. I was carrying a couple in a small pouch on my backpack. The minute I pulled out the "Bounce Tissue" about a dozen Mosquitos rushed to it!!! I said, "What the F ......!!!" I tossed the tissue down realizing it must have been a joke, they swarmed the tissue like it was no tomorrow.

I'm not convinced Fabric Softener Sheets work.

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob...Ever since someone posted the Bounce info on one of the forums a couple weeks ago, I have carried a wad of bounce in my hip pocket and a cluster stuck on the outside of my hydration pack...I also wipe down my face and shirt front when I start a hunt....It has 100% eliminated the nose gnat problems :D ...I don't know about mosquitos since they are not a big problem where I hunt, but for the gnats Bounce is a winner....Cheers, Ron

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Hey Rob,

I will bet you carried the Bounce with Fabreze as a scent rather than the regular Bounce tissues. The smell of the regular Bounce makes me want to gag so I can understand why mosquitoes wouldn't like it . So, if you used the Bounce that smelled like Fabreze then the mosquitoes were simply acting like the teddy bears on the commercials. You know the one where all the teddy bears are lying face down on the floor because Fabreze was used on the rug. My guess is they (the mosquitoes) saw that commercial.


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Hello Alaskan Bob,

I agree with you, I would put more faith in a proven chemical than the Bounce. Bounce might work well, but I know how nasty those Alaskan Mosquitos can get! :angry: Deet is proven to repel insects, but I'm not sure I would continue to cake it on. I'm sure Deet is not good for your health. :unsure:

Been finding any gold lately, dredging or detecting?

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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We use to get issued the military bug repelant years ago.

It was 100% deet and who knows what else.

I don't know what was in that stuff, but I remember reading the warning label saying not to let it come in contact with plastic (like sunglass!) It would melt.

Everytime I used it, I felt ill a few hours later and the smell, terrible.

I'm sure some of you guys remember that stuff!

I think that's why my hair fell out! :o


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Being raised in Florida I've always used products with deet in them like deep woods off, but I just did a bit of research on deet side effects, and it sounds like children especially can have reactions to deet. Also, I read that the military thinks their deet repellent is partly to blame for the gulf war disease. It sounds like the more serious side-effects, although "infrequent" include muscle spasms, seizures, and even death. Here are some of the links I read, of course two of them are trying to sell alternative products. One of the sites is more "pro-deet" Also, any drug, even just an antihistamine could interact with deet since they say it has been proven to get into the blood stream through application to the skin. I guess it would be better to put the deet on your clothing. With all of the things mosquitos are carrying these days such as west nile virus, etc. I suppose whatever you use, it better work, deet does work.

Site that gives side-effect info.:


Alternative repellent site:


Site about repellants:


More info on same non deet repellent site:


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