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I have a book written by him and in this book it mentions he will be churning out a volume 2 but I have done a google search and have not found anything of his latest works. He did a lot of nugget hunting in Australia and some in the U.S. He advertised the fisher gold bug and found tons of nuggets. Did he switch companies or just fade away or what? I haven't seen anymore on this fellow since he wrote this book. Seems like a very knowledgeable person and sure did write a good book. I sure would like to find a source for his second book if he wrote one. Thanks, Buffalo Earl

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Hello Earl,

Actually to my knowledge that is the only book Pieter Heydelaar wrote. I think he had intentions of making a second volume, but it never came out. Several years ago at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show I asked him about future books. He pretty much didn't have a solid answer on it.

I know he has found more than his fair share of gold though .... :P

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Earl: You can write to Pieter Heydelaar at the following : Global Treasures P.O. Box 3264 Quartzite, Arizona 85359. When I last spoke with him in December of 2005 he said he probably would not write a follow up to volume one because so many people had switched form VLF Detectors to the Pulse induction detectors..I told him to write a book on his prospecting adventures in the USA and Australia and I would be the first in line to buy it--he will probably have a boothe at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in late January and early February 2007--I like his work --Good Luck and post his reply to you-

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Hey Buffaloearl,

Don't know what book you have, but I have one that deals mostly with the fisher GB. ADVANCED NUGGET HUNTING.

Its by Heydelaar and David Johnson.

Part l is by Pieter on how to use the GB to find gold nuggets.

Part ll is by Johnson The effects of ground minerals, native metals and man-made metals on the GB.

Its a small book of 44 pages.

Bob T.

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Hello Earl,

I love Pieter Heydelaar's book, but if you're looking for the most informative book out there, I would strongly consider Jim Straight's new 7th Edition "Follow the Drywasher." This book is roughly 300 pages of valuable information. This is one of my favorites besides "Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold." This book is $8.95, but should carry a price tag of about $100 for a book. The most informative book on Advanced detecting in my opinion!!

You might have both already. If not, I have them in stock at all times.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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  • 2 years later...

Howdy Jim Garlock.... Your artwork, layout, and design of Volume 1 is outstanding...

but you know that...

I'm looking foreward to Vol 2... If either you or Pete happen by the GPAA gold

show in January, at the Orange Show in San Bernardino; Jim Klein and I will be there...

we have a corner booth. All we are "selling" is free information and fellowship... Stop

by and say howdy, or pull up a chair and visit for awhile and join us in the fun...

Jim "tailgate" Straight

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I hope it is all right to add... for those who have Pete's Vol 1, go to pg 68... He is holding six

ounces of gold that he found in Quartzsite on one weekend in 1983... Then if any of you have

a copy of any edition of Straight's Vol 3, go to pg. 57. Here is where Pete found more gold.

We also shared knowing old-time caretakers, such as P. Jim Ross and Walt Bickel

(ref pgs 149-150) in any edition of Straight's Vol 3....

Pete is well known, he has contributed freelance articles in many treasure magazines.

Tested equipment... found meteorites... co-authored a book with Mr. David Johnson

(that was mentioned in an earlier post). Also, he once called me long distance to "set me

'straight'" as I had made a mistake in printing a formula... which thanks to his "heads-up"

I caught in time... (ref: pgs 2-3-4 in Vol 3). I could add more...

To cut to the quick... I highly recommend any of Pete's stuff... and I can't wait to buy

a copy of his uncoming Vol 2.... O'l Jim "tailgate" Straight

Hammer... Yes... Please come and join us... I will buy the coffee....

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Jim Garlock will certainly layout a great book... Fred, notice the dedication... Bob Soehner...

Bob was then the president of Chino Valley.... Back then on a club claim large nuggets

were found just under the ground surface while drywashing... Being first using a metal

detector was great. Often back then, just after a rain, a nugget could be specked by

sight. I was with Jack Leuf at Middlecamp when he (Jack) detected several nuggets and

then looked down and saw them.

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Reno Chris... I will stop by and give a "howdy." The CMJ/ICMJ has always been

one of my favorite prospecting/mining magazines. I have subscribed it for many

years... Not to give my age away; I bought my first CMJ during Christmas vacation

in 1948. I was then a rag-tag kid with a dream... to go to Mackay...

Now everyone: More about Pieter Heydelaar's book: Jim Garland will do another

outstanding job in layout, design, and artwork as he did with Volume I. I'm glad

Pieter is finally writing Volume 2. Volume I was outstanding as it had many pages

in (expensive) color... Plus cutting edge information on where and how-to find that

elusive yellow stuff known as gold.

Jim Garland if you are still living in the area... please be sure to stop by our

(Jim Klein and maybe Roy Roush too) booth at the Orange Show in San Bernardino

in January. I still have the wand for a SCR-625 that Pieter gave me... I will bring it

and set it on the table. Feel free to leave any information on Pieters book...

and if Pieter is around... naturally he is most welcome...

This certainly includes all of you who are reading this thread! Rembering old times

and many positive things that are now mostly forgotten over the years... However,

life is about changes... the new must replace the old... Spring, Summer, Fall, and

Winter... Then another Spring... New growth, new hope...

Pieter has written many freelance articles over the years. He is most knowlegeable

on many varied facets... coinhunting, meteorites, and prospecting.

Yes, please stop by our booth... we got nothing to sell, but friendship and memories.

Jim Straight aka "Tailgate"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Howdy All... I just thought I would freshen up this post, it had drifted back onto page two.

The GPAA gold show is now just a month away... For all of you in the San Bernardino area try

to come. It has been a few years since the last GPAA show in San Bernardino... Both the local

San Bernardino Valley Prospectors and the Norco West End Club will have booths there. There

will likely be the usual panning and mucking contests. Plus the usual other events...

Ya'all feel free to add/post any information relating to this particular gold show. This is how we

learn... Also as you know, "gold" comes in many forms. So, if you can come, please do and

visit as many of the booths and enjoy meeting old friends and making new friendships.

The GPAA gold show is on January 10th and 11th, 2009 at the National Orange Show Grounds.

689 South "E" Street, Citrus Building in San Bernardino. Anyone needing specific information

can call the GPAA office 1-800-551-9707 ext 123.

(Rob, I hope it is alright to continue this post on the sub-forum.... Jim)

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Hello, I am working on Volume 2 with Pieter and it should be out soon. We just sent artwork to reprint Volume 1 to the printer. Volume 2 is going to show some of the awesome nuggets Pieter has found since we did Volume 1 and also some great stories. I will keep you updated. Jim

So, did this Volume II ever come out?

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