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Hello All,

Today Leaverite and I decided to head back to the location where he found the 1.6 ouncer. We figured the cream of the crop was gone, but there was a few spots nearby that needed a quick check. I decided to target a trashy zone and just fight through all the trash in hopes for a nugget or two. Well, luckily fighting through enough trash I was able to find (2) gold nuggets. :D After a couple hours of hunting I sucked down all my water and thought it was best to get back to the vehicle.

By this time it must have been 110 degrees! Leaverite and I both decided to make it a short trip and head back into Black Canyon City for some lunch. We decided to stop at the Byler's Amish Kitchen. The food was good, but make sure you bring your own fly swatter! :o I'm serious .....

After spending about an hour eating, we both felt somewhat refreshed and decided we would check one last spot on the way home. Luckily we did, I found (4) smaller nuggets in a small wash that I never hunted. Leaverite found 3-4 nuggets here in the past. There are some huge quartz blows bleeding down into this wash, some of them very rotten. If I had to make an educated guess, I would say they are the contributors to the nugget gold that was found in the wash.

I ended up with (6) small nuggets for the day. Leaverite got the good ol' skunk, but heck the 1.6 ouncer will hold him over for a few weeks. :P Check out the pictures below.

Rob Allison

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Hello Grubstake,

That is what Leaverite mentioned to me. He took me to a patch area about a year or so ago and I found a nice solid one ouncer. Then just recently he found a beautiful 1.6 ouncer at one of my spots. He said I'm due for a two ouncer out of his next spot. :D I would hate to find a two ouncer at anyone's spot though. If they hunted hard and found the location it's hard to take the prize away from them. Ok, I will take the nugget .... heheh.. :rolleyes:

Jim P., Leaverite and I got out today for a short hunt. I found (5) small gold nuggets, Leaverite and Jim both found (1). :D

Hope we can get together for a hunt this winter season.

P.S. I sent you over a Private Message.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob, about the DVD, I've only viewed volume I so far and I enjoyed totally enjoyed it a lot. I reading the liner, I think I will like volume II even more! I think if a certain ML dealer is Sun City wasn't so busy diggin' all them there nuggets, he'd have time to make a video too... ;)

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