compensation for Atomic bomb test Survivors

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Contact the National Association of Atomic Veterans (Non-profit) Origanization for assistance on filling a claim or contact me for help with your claim--Over 21 cancers have been identified as presume caused by radition, so if any one in your family or if you know any one, have them contact the NAAV or my self on this website to assist them

You can view numerous atomic detonations and tests and read the participants comment on how they felt about the test and their treatment by the government and the VA

This is an important site and people --need to peruse it--leave opinions and comments--thanks Hammer --Hal Hefner

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Includes workers in any radioactive facility, lab, miners, crafts, laborers, etc., that all work(ed) on nuke testing facilities, or mining uranium.

702 636 8777 to set a screening appt and receive a mail packet. I could go on, but I have discussed this plight already.

You may have to travel to Las Vegas, though there are medical branches specifically for this, in other locations. Call the number for info and questionaire

Specifically; the testing is for beryllium issues, silicosis, radiation exposure, cancers, exposure to chemicals and oils, lung impairment, hearing test (say what?) huh?, and other symptoms idiosyncratic to defense-related employment

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I might add that one problem you may encounter, armed with the results of your tests, is there can be great difficulty in locating a specialist who will sign off on your affliction.

Most doctors now do not wish to sign anything that could pull them into litigation and court. A few doctors would concur verbally with the diagnosis, but I didn't find one willing to sign any paper in support of their conclusions

From what I hear, the new screening format has cooperative doctors that will sign off.

One recommendation of mine is that one day, when you can actually remember what happened, write it down, including dates and time periods, who you worked for, sites, types of exposure, etc., so that you will have some sort of record during the times you cannot remember anything. Perhaps, keep it in a word file so that you can add other details that pop up. Some sort of chronological record/narrative always helps in this sort of thing.

You cannot trust in your ex-employer for details. In a lot of experiences, times and dates when you were nuked and sent home, clothes taken away, and other exposure data, the employer (Reeco, Bechtel, and others) will endeavor to 'lose' the files. As the symptoms can take 20 years or more to develop, you can be up the creek without some sort of narrative. It doesn't matter on generalities- if you can be placed in the area within the time you claim, (and bear in mind, many of your associates have already submitted their paperwork, indirectly correlating yours), you have a very likely chance of vindication.

Perhaps many of your associates have died or are already sick, which only adds substance to your claims. That I am still around, in general mediocre health, is a surprise as many other those who worked where I did, are either incapacitated or already dead. Your body is like a sponge that absorbs things, some of which can be expelled, and some things (radiation, asbestos, free silica, etc.) cannot.

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