walkie talkies

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The WT's are great to keep in touch in the field. Never go without mine.

Have one set that are short range, maybe a mile or so and another set that are rated at 10 mi..

They now have them that are rated at 14 mi. and one that is rated at 18 mi. These run around $65.00 a pair. Not bad for that range.

Seems like everytime I buy a set they come out with a more powerful set. I am looking at the 18 mi. one, but you can bet that if I buy, then next week they will come out with a 20 mi. one. B)

Bob T.

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Walkie talkies are out, I'm waiting until the RIDIE Talkies come out, cause I'm lazy. That hill to my patch is killing me and Shep. I think we will see if we can do a halo drop in there. No maybe not, that would probly kill us faster than the walk. Side Shep is an X swabby, he has sea legs, and I'm X grunt but it still kills me, one steep hill! Grubstake

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Hello Guys,

Two-way radios are a must for small groups. They make it very easy to communicate with one another. You never know when something might happen or even when you want to tell others you found something. We use them a lot in the field, but toggle our "channel & sub-channel" to keep outsiders from picking us up! :P

Keep in mind, some of the better ones say 5+ miles. However, when you're hunting uneven terrain you might be lucky to get 1/2 - 1 mile range. The 5+ mile is line of sight range, meaning there really can't be anything blocking your path.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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