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just for kicks, has anyone ever detected out in the roswell area for remains of what ever it was that "crashed" out there. just thought it would be kind of neat to find a piece of whatever it was or wasnt????????? who knows what the heck happend ou there, but still wouldnt be neat if???????

would be great to here your commints airboy

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Hello Airboy, maybe we need to mount up an expedition with our detectors and check it out for ourselves haha ! I know one thing the city of Roswell rides the heck out of the myth and if it helps the economy more power to them. I do believe in UFO's but only the military type if you know what I mean. Ok I just thought I would make a comment to this subject and remember always keep looking up but if your beeping don't look up ! :blink:

John Tomlinson, CET

John's Detectors

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  • Admin

Hello Airboy,

I think if you even got near the so-called crash site you would be snatched up by the Military, let alone with a metal detector. I guess you could always tell them, "Hey I'm just looking for space pieces, you know, METEORITES!" :rolleyes:

Makes you really wonder if there was a crash there or not. A friend claimed he has seen several different species of Aliens that the Military snatched from the wreck site.

Hard to believe we are the only people in the Universe, but then again, "Seeing is Believing." :blink:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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:rolleyes: RON :rolleyes:

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Hey, gang, sign me up! I live about 75 miles from Roswell in Carlsbad. Maybe we can all get together and do a kind of "camp-out" thing in my backyard during the evenings. I can fire up the bbq/smoker and using my 2 stoves, I can fix us up some feasts during the evenings! :D

Yah, they advertise at least 2 sites that I know of and there's probably more. We'd have to do some research to find the "real" site. A couple of them (the ones I know of) are kind of commercial........for $$ you can go look around. Don't know if they'd be willing to let us go with beepers, but if we don't ask, they ain't got a chance to say yes!!

HH, ya'll!


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Hello Kajun, I wish I could get out there and it would be a cool outing for sure ! I have got a cousin in Monument, N.M. and I need to go visit him. Just can't get away from work. It sounds like a neat idea and maybe at sometime in the future we could make it happen. I would like to go to Rachel, NV to say I been there and take a handheld scanner to listen to the military comms. But I heard that Rachel is not a good place to be for very long because of the crap that goes on there. But lets hope we can go beeping somewhere with plenty of amigo's, ok Kajun ? CU later and God Bless.

John Tomlinson, CET

John's Detectors

Blackwell, Tx. ;)

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As you said Rob, it would be hard to believe we are the only intelligent being in existence but my theory for all of this UFO sightings is that the UFOs are actually Earthlings from the future. Don't laugh until you think about it...if it was 1849 and I said that someday we would be able to use a "contraption" to "see" underground gold nuggets you would have laughed. Or if it was 1970 and I had said that we would have devices that would fit in our shirt pocket that we could use to communicate to someone on the other side of the world or even send pictures to each other instantly you would have looked at me funny. Can you imagine what the technology will be like in a Hundred years? Time travel, tele-portation, traveling at the speed of light...I say that they are humans from the future and are avoiding us because of a time paradox if we actually meet them. ;)

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Whether or not you believe in Area51, think about this:

No one could get photographs of Area 51 until the Russians came along with a high resolution satellite camera and took pictures of the layout

Resolution can be brought up to 6 feet. A curious fact is you don't see any people, no cars, no vehicles, nothing, though the place is manned around the clock doing their thing.

Why is that? One explanation is that the whole site above the ground is a prop for all that is going on underground.

According to some 'experts' (anyone from out of town), the real work is being performed under Papoose Lake, 20 miles to the south, and also 40 stories underground.

One other note of interest:

When the challenger blew up on re-entry, and all these people were out looking for fragments with their metal detector, the ones who picked up space debris or shuttle parts exposed to Space, got really sick or poisoned, some near fatally. In space recovery, people don't go around touching debris, but use other means.

If you were to find something and take it home, I don't expect the response would be any less than if there was a mercury spill.

In other words, look and find, but don't touch. Some things are best left to the Feds, perhaps.

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what do you mean sick from what? whith all that heat on reentry wouldnt that burn eveything to a crisp.



:) all kidding aside thats some pretty neat info. Ive seen the base on groome lake through google earth. It is very quiet there lots of wierd airvents and bunker doors (some really big ones)!!!!!!!!!

got any more info about the people that got sick Id like to check any info on this!!!!!!!!


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"Shuttles have long used a chemical called hydrazine to run their auxiliary power units. Hydrazine, a colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor, is a toxic chemical and can cause harm to anyone who contacts it."

"Hypergolic propellants are fuels and oxidizers which ignite on contact with each other and need no ignition source. This easy start and restart capability makes them attractive for both manned and unmanned spacecraft maneuvering systems. Another plus is their storability — they do not have the extreme temperature requirements of cryogenics.

The fuel is monomethyl hydrazine (MMH) and the oxidizer is nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4).

Hydrazine is a clear, nitrogen/hydrogen compound with a "fishy" smell. It is similar to ammonia. Nitrogen tetroxide is a reddish fluid. It has a pungent, sweetish smell. Both fluids are highly toxic, and are handled under the most stringent safety conditions. Hypergolic propellants are used in the core liquid propellant stages of the Titan family of launch vehicles, and on the second stage of the Delta.

The Space Shuttle orbiter uses hypergols in its Orbital Maneuvering Subsystem (OMS) for orbital insertion, major orbital maneuvers and deorbit. The Reaction Control System (RCS) uses hypergols for attitude control."

"...toxic shards from the space shuttle temporarily closed Texas schools, affected Louisiana drinking water supplies and sent more than 100 residents to local hospitals."

Okay, so maybe it won't kill ya.

but maybe this will push the envelope a little more-

Extra-terrestrial micro-organisms are entering earths atmosphere every day suggesting existence of life in outer space, according to the scientific and technical officer of Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) Arvind Paranpye.

This has been established from the analysis of data collected by Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) cryogenic sampler payload flown on-board a balloon on January 21 this year, he said in a statement made in Pune.

Paranpye said analysis of samples at Cardiff had indicated that about a third of a tonne of extra-terrestrial bacterial matter enters every day into the earth's atmosphere, possibly forming part of over 100 tonnes of cometary material that enters earth's atmosphere daily.

In a letter to the British medical journal The Lancet, Chandra Wickramasinghe, from Cardiff University in Wales, and other scientists, propose that SARS may have originated in outer space then fallen down to Earth and landed in China, where the outbreak began.

Particles carrying the SARS virus could have come from a comet, the researchers say, and released into the debris trail of the comet's tail. The Earth's passage through the stream would have led to the entry of the culprit particles.

"We're not saying this is definitely what happened," said Wickramasinghe, who is also the director of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, a research effort that seeks evidence of extraterrestrial life. "But the theory should not be ruled out."

SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, has so far infected at least 8,384 people and claimed 770 lives. Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada have been hit hardest by the epidemic. The source of SARS has mystified medical experts.

I'm Not an expert by any means.

According to some people, the flooors of the hangars in area 51 have a joint around the perimeter of the interior flooring, that allows the whole floor, maybe 200' x 300' to slip downward. like an elevator platform. some hangars have bigger floors, some have smaller floors. wheel something in, shut the hangar doors, push a button and go down, down, down. nobody with a spy camera sees anything. no people, no saucers, no trucks, no great big hole.

However, i would think that the US has built and flown a few of their own saucers by now, using materials not widely available, least at Home Depot anyway...

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Im in school right now to get my airframe and power plant certificates, so I know what your talking about. I just hadn't hurd anything about the fuel contaminating anything. I was under the impression that they exspended 99% of there fuel bfore reentry. SARs yah that could have come from space, but if you want to go that far,every thing came from space at one point in time!

Have you herd about the theory that diamonds were formed durring the "big bang" and they just happened to form on the earth when it was just a dirt ball.

what are youre favorite coils?(trying to keep on subject :)

:) I'm meeting a bunch of really intresting people here.........BRAVO :lol:

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You are right about Whats4supper being the man,

just not THAT man...

the police kind - although sometimes it seems that kind of work may be a part of his past.

He seems to be a man of tremendous experiencial range, who communicates with

intelligence and clarity. We are indebted to him for his many contributions to this

and other forums.

I do not know him but I would bet he got a kick from your querie.

Your ufo questions are interesting and fun to think about.

I have always wondered if they exist - maybe on other vibratory rates that become visible to us sometimes when they slow those rates down.

I certainly don't think it would be the way around though as I don't see much evidence of

us humans speeding up enough to catch a glimpse of them.

It's been a long time since there's been a good ufo controversy around this neck of the woods,

wonder why that is...


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You hear about spirits, and mortals that have passed on, being just on the other side of the veil.

Reading the scriptures, God and spirits that haven't yet made it to mortal life are just beyond the veil.

Or equally, guardian angels.

Then, if you compare the human eye to that of animals, many other species feel, detect, and see what we cannot. As for eyesight in a human, there are variances such as being colorblind, and I am sure that everyone sees colors differently, and what is real to someone, may be 'off' to someone else.

If you get right down to basics, we really don't know what is entirely in front of us as sight is a process of our own mind. What we see is what our own minds allow us to 'see'. I am sure that god has placed filters and limits as to what we can actually 'see', that allows his minions to study us, jot crap down in a book, and let our ancestors see what kinds of people in the family line are doing at the current moment.

Everyone before us, and those who come after, get a glimpse of what is to come by how we act and navigate in the world, but due to limits on their side also, are not able to interact in most sequences of events. They are probably there, perhaps you have even felt their presence, even though you own eye filter does not allow you to 'see' them out there; in many cases, standing right next to you.

One process that affects our ability to see the intangible is focused electromagnetic fields that are forced upon us. Many people under such duress, will see light, be awake but unable to move, or may have visions that may seem every bit as real as the real 'real'.

Many physicists believe that we live in a parallel universe, shrouded only by a thin 'veil' or filter which does not allow us to perceive existential things, and see our own platform for what it is.

Whether we were created by an alien race, were the descendant survivors of a previous nuclear war, or created by God who lives somewhere else, is actually beside the point that the life we live is wholly our own interpretation and experience. Time can be a variable.

If you belive that God lives on some planet where 1000 of our years is like one day to Him, a person on this earth, living 60-70 years, would mean that spirit or soul was living outside of his presence for a mere two hours of His day.

Now let's move onto solids, which are matter that is anything but solid. Rather a conglomeration of molecules or atoms, made up mostly of free space and a few really small particles whizzing around a center nucleus.

Probably analogous to the space we encounter in our own solar system, with the sun being the nucleus and the planets, the electrons. There is a force that binds all, and keeps them from spinning out of orbit: Gravity for our Solar System; Electrical charge for an atom.

Therefore, what we walk around on, whether dirt, tile, concrete, steel, gravel, rock, is not at all solid but full of a lot of space and voids. Another facet of the physical that our eyes cannot fathom, but allow us to explore through optics. Even heavy Gold (nearly 4.3 times heavier than Lead), is full of holes and voids.

In essence, everything we 'see' is not actually the 'real'. If we didn't have filters, and sight wasn't a process of our own brains, I am sure we would all be 'seeing' a lot more of what lies in front of us, but hidden to the mortal human eye.

If you study anything about N Tesla (probably an autistic human), almost all of hios experiences and advances dealt with the manipulation of electromagnetic forces. Radio, Transistors, Production of Electricity, Electrical storage or transport, time/space manipulation, earth as a dynamic force which lies pretty much untapped, magnetic for transportation, electricity without wires. Perhaps indirectly, he was the father of all metal detecting theory basics.

Living on the Earth, everything is governed pretty much by electromagnetic waves and fields. Things are being revealed that all is not what it seems to be, but illusions and long-term cycles of which we have no real comprehension, much less, pre-emptory ability.

By learning electric amd electromagnetic dynamics, a few will be on the edge to full comprehension. Hey, anybody that ever used a metal detector to retrieve something buried, is on the path. Maybe what you discover on your own accord, will unleash the technology of tomorrow's detectorist. Undoubtedly. Life is all trial and error. Those that can take notes and use it for a positive tool, will be those on which the majority of the rest of us will depend on for survival or intellectual development. Miners, not the least.

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have you seen: WHAT THE F**K DO WE KNOW?

I agree with what you say, some call it preaching, I says being intune with the world around you. To all that live the lives this way,"LIVE LONG AND PROSPER BROTHER"

Im glad I could spark up a great conversation with some great people, REAL PEOPLE B)

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Hi Guys

The Sci Fi channel did a investigative dig and I'm pretty sure they used detecters at the supposed crash site a few years ago. They did find some soil compaction like something had crashed there but that was about it. I am an avid metal detecterist here in Colorado. Not too good for nuggets up here like Arizona. Rob, I met you at Rich Hill just for a second a while back and you gave me your card. As for UFOs, my daughter who was 6 at the time in 1995 was the orginal witness here in Salida of a daytime cigar shaped craft with a double row of windows. 5 of us were able to study it as it danced and darted near the corona of the sun for more then an hour. It has been extensively studied by computer labs, aero space engineers etc. Most estimates on size are about a half mile in length and speeds at the 70,000 feet altitude of 0 to 8000 mph and to a complete stop in about a half a second. Anyone want to do the quarter mile. My footage has been featured on over 15 national TV shows and various newscast in the US and around the world. Many call it the best daytime footage of a large craft in the annals of UFO history. Through binoculars we could clearly see this craft was technology 1000s of years or who knows how far in the future. Anyone that might be interested can check the footage or story behind it can do a search on Salida Colorado UFOs or Tim Edwards UFOs. I have friends in Phoenix that filmed the so called Phoenix Lights of 1997. Incredible event there. 7 UFO events going on from Kingman, Prescott, Phoenix and Tuscon in one night. 1000s of witnesses and the V shaped craft was described as a mile across by many. I wish I was down there detecting for gold.

Take care


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hey whats4

do you have any actual references to anyone becoming ill from contact with the shuttle debris.  Just curious if you could provide news reports or articles relating to this.



just the regular news bias propaganda, as in google search and others. The feds won't give specifics, perhaps all they want to do is scare people into following into their groove.

However, exposed to supposedly 'safe' material that later wreaked havoc, while I worked on the test site and environs beyond, in my own mind a lot of things are not safe for human exposure, and shuttle wreckage could certainly be plausible, though not truly verifiable.

I had friends that witnessed the Bikini Atoll blast, and then went onto the ships afterwards, also "safe environment" according to the Feds, and picked up souvenirs found on the decks, which later caused many to lose there buttocks initially, then their hips and legs, and finally the rest of their organs.

Then you have people like Hammer, marching into Ground Zero, digging a foxhole 2 miles away from the blast zone, watching the bomb go off and then have to march, under orders, to ground zero while the mushroom cloud was still billowing up.... Yep, it was 'safe' allright, but later, most of those poor soldiers got sick and died from cancers and other strange ailments.

The bottom line is, while working with secret programs and undisclosed material, the US Citizen/Resident gets/got exposed to some really toxic stuff, and for the most part, end up paying their own medical bills. The fact is, the Army, Navy, Air Force, CIA, and who knows whom else all conduct(ed) experiments on the friendlies- us regular joes and janes- so they could study the effects and not be caught up in litigation making them pay for the damage

Going back to the shuttle- perhaps it would be neat to find some wreckage, but at what cost? And could you trust the Government to tell you the level truth? Are you the next ignorant government's guinea pig? Only time will tell, and their excuse will be "we told everyone not to pick it up..."

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These are some of the links to toxic space debris. for the most part, the links and commentaries arise from the private sector rather than the government & military sector (I wonder why?).

This is probably enough to wade through. there are only about another 88,000 links if these aren't enough.

general links:

toxic space junk:


Shuttle after challenger was to have carried a quantity of plutonium.

What would've happened to the swatch of USA had it been the one to blow up? Do you think the Feds would have been forthcoming there too?

A book summary:

falling space junk:

diseases and spores from outer space:

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well whats4

Call me the next ignorant government guniea pig then because I live in Houston had a son in Nacogdoches at the time and have lots of friends that fish on Toledo Bend (the reservoir that was closed down). Most of the scare I think was overkill and/or fear of lawsuits but that is whole nother topic. Don't know of anyone that was affected during the search and recover phase other than the two poor folks killed during the helicopter crash. keep up the rumor mongoring. It makes life interesting. Just remember it is risky to get out of bed in the morning - 100% of the folks who have died in the world woke up the day before.


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