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Hello All,

I'm still getting several email per day asking about certain accessories, books and the DVD video's. Yes, I have them all in stock at all times! :D Here are some of the things people have been asking about:

* Chris Gholson's new "Nugget Hunting" DVD Video's Vol. 1 & 2 - $59.90 (In Stock)

* Jim Straight's New "Follow the Drywasher" 7th Edition - $27.95 (In Stock)

* Jim Straight's "Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold" booklet - $8.95 (In Stock)

* Jim Straight's "Successful Drywashing" booklet - $9.95 (In Stock)

* Coiltek Completely Waterproof 11-inch Ellipitcal DD Pro Platypus Searchcoil - $219.00 (In Stock)

* Coiltek Li-Ion "Pocket Rocket" Regulated Battery System - $259.00 or $275.00 (In Stock)

* Otto Complete Upper/Lower Fiberglass Shaft for SD/GP's - $139.00 (In Stock)

Prices above don't include Sales Tax or Shipping

Keep in mind I keep a full line of Minelab Metal Detectors, Coiltek Searchcoils and Accessories, Prospecting Picks, Magnets and hundreds of other accessories.

Questions you can email me at - or call me anytime before 8pm PST.

Most of the listing above are not on the website, so many might not even know about them.

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Hello All,

I forgot to mention I also have the "Coiltek Short (Straight) Power Cords" for mounting the new Coiltek Li-Ion Systems to the side of your detector. These power cords are roughly 15-16 inches long. With this cord you don't have to wrap your Minelab stock or Coiltek Curly all around the box and shaft to take away some of the length.

The small Coiltek cords are - $15.95

Sales Tax and Shipping not added

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Dear Rob;

Do you carry the hand grip assembly w/foam grip and also spare bungee knuckles? I like that Otto full fiberglass shaft for my GP3K so well that I want to put one on my SD2100v2. I am sort of tall (6'2") and the extra length of the Otto full fiberglass shafts are much more ergonomically suited for my height than the shorter stock ML shafts are. Also, please let everybody know when you will be carrying the Hipstick too.

Your friend;


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Hello Lamar,

Yes, I have the complete Minelab Handle with foam, or just the foam. I also have the knuckles you're talking about. I have just about all the Minelab misc. parts in stock at all times. I just ordered a bunch of stuff again to re-stock my inventory.

I also always have the Otto Complete Fiberglass (upper/lower) Fiberglass Shaft in stock. The Fiberglass shaft comes with the "Long" lower shaft, not the "Standard" size.

If anyone ever needs misc Minelab parts, they can email me at -

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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