Update on the Hipsticks

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The new invention of the HIPSTICKS will be out the first part of AUG. when production gets underway. NVCHRIS, the inventor, has posted on the other forums, the Price will be $42.00, made in three differnt sizes. There will only be a limited supply in the first batch, so if you want one you all need to strat letting the dealers know. ROB ALLISON, DOC, BILL SOUTHERN and AZO will be dealers as of this time. So get them orders in guys and gals. And yes they work right or left handed. Thanks Grubstake

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Hello Grubstake,

Thanks for the update on the new "HIPSTICK." This is one of the greatest bungee inventions to date. I will have them always in stock, so if you're looking to get one off the first batch you will need to contact me ASAP. I'm starting a pre-order list right now. Contact me at - auplacers@yahoo.com or call (623) 362-1459 M-F 3:30pm to 8pm PST.

Also, to my knowledge the "HIPSTICK" don't come with its own bungee cord. I recommend you using the "Boomerang Heavy Duty Adjustable Bungee" that I also always have in stock.

HIPSTICK - $42.00


Prices don't include AZ Sales Tax or Shipping

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Dear FlakMagnet;

Yes, my friend, I realize this fact, but I also have a part time hunting partner who goes with me quite often and I prefer having two detectors in the field at the same time, as I feel it increases our chances of finding gold, therefore I set things up to where I can always run both the GP3K and the SD2100 simultanously.

Your friend;


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Dear Mr. Allison,

My name used to be FlakMagnet,

I am considering changing it.

I would like to apply for temporary membership

on a trial basis.

If I am not responsible for any more losses in sales for you

I will petition for reinstatement at a later date.


the person formerly known as


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