"Great Hunt with new SD2100v2 Customer"

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Hello All,

Today several friends and I met up with Dwight and his wife for their Minelab field instructions. Dwight just recently purchased a Minelab SD2100v2 from me. We all arrived at the hunting location around 6am. I showed Dwight one of the patches I hit about a year or so ago where I personally recovered about 70 nuggets. Every time I've been back I've been able find a few more nuggets, mostly small though.

After a few hours at the patch, I was able to find several undetected/undug targets. I called Dwight over to compare the signals on the SD vs. my GP. There was no doubt one of the targets was good, but the other he couldn't hear. I was shocked since both targets sounded very good on the GP3500. Well after we dug the first target up we realized it was fairly sizeable Ironstone. The GP's really hit hard on them, but the SD was practically immune to it. This is one major advantage of the SD2100, it has great mineral immunity!

We ended up digging the second target and it ended up being a small gold nugget. :D I gave Dwight the gold nugget. He can now use this nugget for testing when it doubt.

Throughout the day, several more targets were dug off the patch area. I even found another small nugget about an hour later. Glenn found a small gold nugget in one of the washes below the patch.

Like always, Leaverite decides not to find a nugget saving up for another 1+ ounce nugget! How does that work anyways.… :rolleyes:

Dwight, had a great time in the field with you. Hope you and your wife enjoyed the instructions and your first Arizona gold nugget. The way you both double-team that SD2100, there's no doubt you're going to find gold.

Thanks once again for the purchase.

P.S. Check out the pictures posted below. Picture (1) is Dwight with the new SD2100v2. Picture (2) is Dwight's Arizona gold nugget. Picture (3) is all the nuggets found. Far left is mine from today, middle is Glenn's from today & (2) larger nuggets on far left are Glenn's from a Friday hunt without me! :(

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Nice Gold, but way too hot, Shep and I and my uncle climed the hill, to my patch at 5 am, I managed to squeak out a 2.1 DWT nuget, Shep and my uncle got skunked, and we all got heat stroke. It was a record breaking day as far as heat went. I didn't get a picture, my nugget went home with my uncle for show and tell for is wife. Next weekend its beach hunting at his house in Minterey! Carmel beach here I come, for rings n things. Grubstake

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Dear Rob Allison;

Yeah, I've noticed how the SD2100 seems to have better mineralization immunity than my GP3K has, and not only that, but I can also run my SD2100 in hot ground with a mono coil, whereas I can't keep my GP3K threshold smooth unless I flip it into CANCEL mode, and this is with a DD coil. And congratulations on the nuggets!!

Your friend;


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