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Hello All,

Gary at HystWare sent me the "HystWare Mines and Minerals v1.0" Program last week. Been curious about this program for some time and I'm finally testing it. So far the program is great and pretty easy to use. I didn't receive any instructions with it, not sure you need them. I haven't tried to migrate other mapping program into it yet, but I'm sure it work great with them.

Checking out Arizona data to see how accurate it is. Programs like this make it very easy to find locations! :D

Will keep you all updated when I play around with it more.

Thanks for sending the program Gary. If you would like to add more please do so.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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I'm glad Gary got the program out to you. Whenever I test a program, the first thing I look at is "how easy is it to figure out", you should be able to figure out the basics within 30 minutes. The bells and whistles come later. Well Gary has put together a very fine product which I feel every prospector should get, right along with their coils and detector. I've had almost a week and half using it and I'm very impressed. More on it later.


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Thanks for sending the program Gary.  If you would like to add more please do so.

Rob, Im going hold off on commenting to much until you finish your review. B) Oh, and your welcome! :D

What I will say is this, if you need "Help" click on HELP in the upper left corner of the screen. This brings up the Help Menu, then click on PROGRAM HELP. This displays a small window, at the bottom of which is a button marked DISPLAY.

Left mouse click on it and, now what you are looking at is the entire index for the Help file. :)

Just a friendly note to help you navigate.


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