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Hello All,

A friend purchased a Minelab GP3500 from me some time ago along with a bunch of other searchcoils and accessories. Below is a short message he wrote us and also a few pictures! :D

all found with GP 3500 & CT Platypus coil, and blackwidow head phones "a must"

the gold runs quite under water... settings - centered manual tune, set coil

flat on clean gravels in water & hit auto tune, and wait for those 3

beeps then turn off & on, and ground balance - I run in DD, Fixed

tracking, Normal soil, Deep boost, Threshold at 1 o-clock, Signal at 12

o-clock, Tone at 2 o-clock... thats my main settings, the larger nug is

11.8 dwt. and  the smaller ones .8 dwt , .9 dwt, 1.0 dwt & 1.3 dwt...

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Hey Bob,

You can try mine when I come down to scare you with a visit

when it cools off...

I let Pondman use it last year, I couldn't get him back down off the hillside he

was clambering around on.

One thing this coil and coil-cover combination seems to need extra attention to

is dirt getting trapped between the cover and the coil. I have been surprised how

easily dirt gets in.

I literally took three thimble's full of iron staurated dirt out of mine

after not being able to use it on three successive hunts

(and being in too much of a hurry at the time to sit and analyze what the problem was).


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No coil cover on mine, I just took some PC7 epoxie and put a good coat on the bottom of the coil, this stuff is tuffer than the plastic, used to make the coil. No dirt can get in, and it protects the coil just fine. Its a two part mix, that can be bought at any ACE hardwhare store. Grubstake

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Hey Flak,

May take you up on that if I don't already own one by then. I did the same thing on my GB2, took the cover off the 10" coil. Didnt use any epoxy just try not to scrub it so hard on the ground. Still use the cover on the small 6" coil.

The 3500 and the 14" CT has been good to me with no problems so far. However the tape is getting somewhat worn, so I see trouble on the way if I don't replace it.

Grubstake, what is the set-up time on that E-poxy you used???

I use a lot of the stuff as I build and fly radio control airplanes. I usually buy mine in 8 oz. bottles, usually use the 5, 6, 15 and 30 minute stuff. Once in awhile 60 min. Also in real warm weather you won't get 5 min. working time out of 5min. epoxy, before it starts to set up.

I have thought about the silicone and know that it makes a good seal but wonder if it may pose a problem if one has to remove the cover for some reason?

Quite nice today, should have went out. Cloud cover all day and cooled off a bit, think it was 102 or 104 but just had too much to do. Hope to get out two or three days next week. Probably be back up to 115 to 120.

Bob T.

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BOB, when I mix it, 50-50 it will be about a 30 minute working tim, I use a putty knife and spread it all on the coil bottom, about 3/8 of an inch thick, after about 30 minutes, it sets like putty, you can then use wet fingers, wet with water, to round the putty like epoxie to a perfect coil bottom. I then let it sit overnight. the next day, the epoxie is harder than the original plastic, it an be sanded if needed or drilled or filed. Its kind of like a grey colored plastic, like JB weld, but doe's not have metal in it like JB weld does. I have even removed the covers off of my excallibur and soverine coils and put this on, that way you can run without a cover and it won't hurt the coil. And it won't fill up with sand or dirt. Grubstake

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Hello Guys,

I'm hoping to spend more time with the Coiltek Platypus Waterproof Searchcoil this winter season. I know last year when we were dredging the GP3500/Platypus combo became an important tool for scanning the newly uncovered bedrock. This insures us that we didn't leave any small nuggets wedged in the cracks when we were done.

Jerry, your new Platypus should arrive anytime now. I believe Shep and a few other California hunters are considering the coil in the very near future.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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