Marijuana in National parks

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Here are pictures of 2,600 Marijuana plants that were raided today in a National Park.

That is a 10 wheeled dump truck it's loaded in and a thumb picking it out and putting it to the incinerator.

This grow was operated by Hispanics.

We are not even safe in National Parks.

Watch yourself out there!

post-848-1154047484_thumb.jpg post-848-1154047500_thumb.jpg post-848-1154047549_thumb.jpg post-848-1154047567_thumb.jpg

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And I'll Huff and I'll Puff said the big bad wolf to the 3 little piggies!

No wait a second said the Wolf! Lets just huff!

Where is down wind again?

It is nice to know that that bunch of hispanics are contributing so positively to the welfare and well being of the citizens of the US.


Our government should give them a commendation, 100 years of tax free income and citizenship if they aren't legal! lol

Just kidding!

Those pictures do give new meaning to Chech and Chong's "Up In Smoke" !

I often wonder how much doesn't get burned! The way our government runs sometimes it wouldn't be a stretch to assume they are stoned! :)

Just the rabbid thoughts of a nugget hunter too far away to hunt nuggets!

Have a great weekend all!



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I've read your posts on other forums with interest. :) I appreciate your candor in expressing your opinions and the knowledge spoken from someone thats been 'around the block a few times'.

This is an issue that affects all of us in so many ways. When we're out in the field trying to enjoy the outdoors and the hobby we pursue, I would much rather be watching my back for those four leg-ged critters rather those with two, or the 'traps' the two leg-ged ones set.

It's not my intention of turning this into a debate, but miners and prospectors played a key role in the developement of the Western US, and I also say, miners and prospectors can do the same with todays issues.

(Just my dollars worth.)...........Inflation :o


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Hello Airboy

This bust was at WHiskeytown in Northern, Ca nera Redding.

They are having simular busts at the Redwoods National Park, Kings Canyon, Sequioa that I know about.

I am sure there are more parks with this stuff, Whiskeytown and Redwoods are somewhat close, so they keep in contact.

This is the 3rd bust this year for Whiskeytown and there are atleast 2 more grows to get...estimated at 26,000 plants.

Ok, here I go, I'm really going to get started: :o

I hear they arrested one hispanic (illeagle of course) making a dropoff with supplies. The jail could only hold him for 24hrs and since I.N.S. didn't pick him up, he was released back on the street. :blink:

How would you like to be hiking with your kids at Yosemite and run into this crap.

Or visit the Alamo and see dope growing along the fence.

Our National Parks are Americas heritage, people come from all over the world to visit them.

They are desecrating America, almost like spitting on our flag.

One of the biggest problems is not really the traps, but as they raid the grow, Illeagles are running everywhere (some with weapons) trying to escape and most do. They capture about 1 out of every 10.

These guys have nothing to loose except being deported.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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