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Hello All,

For years I have been using a simple Spreadsheet to log finds. I would include the date, amount of nuggets found, weight of each nugget, location and other general information about the find. I just recently seen on another forum that a forum member named "Scotty" just designed a slick program. The program is called "Nugget Shooter's Logbook, inventory database for the gold nugget hunter."

This program makes it very easy to log new gold nugget finds. This database has tons of fields that allows you to store all the detailed information about your new nugget(s) finds.

This beats the hell out of using the Spreadsheet. I will be purchasing the program in the near future.

You can view and purchase the program here - Nugget Shooter's Logbook

Great job Scotty! :D

Rob Allison

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Thanks Rob! Much appreciated.

I tried to make it simple and easy to use. (I'm lazy :lol: )

I spent alot of time on the help files, (.doc AND .pdf) so as to help answer any questions

from installation to removal. They are quite detailed, with pictures and arrows. :P

Main thing to remember if you use the catalog number issued to each entry to mark a

vial or container with that catalog number for later reference, DO NOT delete any records...

otherwise the numbering system will be off!!! :o

I just change/update info on that unneeded record, but don't remove it.

Thanks again for the Kudos. The response I've gotten has been great...and made it all

very worthwhile.


NSL Scotty

Hey Grubstake,

Funny meeting you here!

No, sorry. The program will work with anything that can accept or run

.net Framework v1.1, but a MAC can't do that as is a MS application.

I knew I was gonna disappoint someone (with a MAC). Sorry Grubstake.

-NSL Scotty

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