Do You Own a Copy of "Nugget Hunting Essentials?

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Hello All,

For all the people out there that haven't purchase the "Nugget Hunting Essentials" DVD set are missing out. I know many people including myself are very visual/spacial, meaning we like to see things rather than reading them in a book. Seeing demonstrations or video in general is almost like hands-on training. You get to actually "SEE" and "HEAR" what is going on. I must say this DVD set is top-notch and I have personally watched the entire series three times now! :o

Customers still ask me, "What about this, or what about that ... What should I look for ...." Well my answer is simple, purchase the "Nugget Hunting Essential" DVD set and most, if not all you questions will be answered. Yes, I know there isn't a DVD or Book that will answer every single question, but these vidoe's are very informative and consist of great Arizona Nugget Hunting footage.

Anyone interested in this DVD set can contact me through email -, the forum PM or phone (number listed below).

Package Price on both DVD's - $59.90

Arizona Sales Tax (if applicable) & Shipping not included in price


P.S. I will also have Mr. Porter's DVD's soon! Don't miss out on these great Metal Detecting DVD's.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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G'day Rob, I have to whole heartedly agree with you on the above, Chris really brought home the bacon during the three weeks I was there. I am out bush at the moment prospecting in some beautiful country that really reminds me of your home turf (except for the Cats Claw and Cactus :P ), a week or so back I dragged my TV and DVD player up to my brothers caravan and over two nights watched Chris's Nugget Hunting Essentials DVD's. My brother is now very determined to head on over to the States and score himself some Arizona gold.

This is the first opportunity I've had to simply sit back and watch the DVD's on their own merit rather than trying to look for continuity, spelling mistakes etc. I sit back now and realise my trip to the States went by with such a blurr this time that I did not even get time to "smell the roses", however I do have some amazing footage to remind me of the occasion.

Thanks for the great feedback and supporting our other videos :)

Regards from Australia

Jonathan Porter

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Hello JP,

For the price of DVD video's they are well worth the purchase. I know when Chris and I first started swinging detectors there was very little help available. A few books and one VHS video that didn't even show you how to detect, but rather showing footage of nuggets being dug up. Also today we have the use of the Internet.

There are a lot of dealers that don't offer field instructions, and even the ones that do can't get all the customers to come visit them for instructions. Some customers are across the globe.

The "Nugget Hunting Essentials" DVD videos are top notch. Not too advanced, but just perfect for the people just starting or people looking to fine tune and learn more detecting, technniques and what to look for.

Going back to your DVD's they are also top notch. "The Latest Update," is a must see for anyone that owns and operates a Minelab GP3500. This DVD video will give you everything you need and more to get the most out of your GP3500. Your previous DVD is great for anyone owning an SD, GP Extreme and GP3000.

I'm excited to be selling the new DVD's cause I know they are great and will help anyone learn more ....

Take care,

Rob Allison

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JP, let me add my congrats and a hearty "VERY well done!!" on the DVDs.

Rob, I got mine before I knew you were going to carry them. Boo on me! Drat!

I would like to add one thing. As you know, I got my Minelab Eureka Gold beeper from you and after watching the DVDs, I'd be willing to say that ANYONE who wants to find nuggets using any kind of beeper can benefit greatly from these DVDs. Watching Chris do his detecting, coil control, reading the land, hearing what a good hit sounds like (sounds almost exactly the same on my Eureka as on the GPs!! WOOHOO), seeing what a hot rock looks like and sounds like, his hunting philosophy, etc.....all of that can benefit anyone wanting to shorten their learning curve, IMHO. Of course, I still have yet to find my first nugget with my Eureka, but that's cuz circumstances have prevented me from getting out and hunting. I honestly feel that after watching these DVDs for a couple of times each that my "learning curve" on finding nuggets with a beeper has/will be considerably shortened! They're great!

HH, ya'll!



This was unpaid, unsolicited testimony for the DVDs. :lol:

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Hi Rob & Kajun,

I wanted to thank you both for your comments on my new videos; I always appreciate honest feedback from the folks out there in the field. JP and I really wanted the NHE Series to appeal to a broad range of detectorists, and therefore didn't focus on the operation of any single machine. The goal was to share tips, tricks and other clues for tracking down nuggets. Thanks again for the great review... :)

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