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Hello All,

Just received a huge load of books that I've been waiting for. I pretty much just ordered the "Top-Selling" books, so here are some of the top recommended reads -

Geology Books:

Field Geology Illustrated 2nd Edition - $35.00

Meteorite Books:

Falling Stars, a Guide to Meteors and Meteorites - $14.95

Rocks From Space 2nd Edition (by the famous O. Norton Richard) - $32.00

Dredging Books:

Advanced Dredging Techniques Part 2 (McCracken) - $9.95

Arizona Books:

Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona (Considered the Bible for Arizona, includes a map) - $8.95

Arizona Gold Placers and Placering (Another Great Book) - $7.95

Arizona Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails - $24.95

Electronic Prospecting/Metal Detecting Books:

Jim Straight's "Follow the Drywasher" 7th Edition (Awesome book) - $27.95

Jim Straight's "Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold" - $8.95

James McCulloch's "Advanced Nuggetshooting" - $9.95

Shipping and Arizona Tax (AZ residents only) is not added in above prices.

Anyone interested in ordering a book(s) can contact me through email - auplacers@yahoo.com

or phone (623) 362-1459

Take advantage of these great books.

Rob Allison

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Hello All,

Sold a bunch of books last night per this post. Just wanted to let you know I still have several copies of each left in stock, but plan on most of the major copies to be gone before the weekend. If anyone is interested, get in touch with me right about please.

Thanks for all the recent books orders. What would I do without you guys ... :D

Take care,

Rob Allison

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