Logbook price drop!

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OK...I really wanted you guys to enjoy the Logbook but I guess the price was too high.

My apologies. Not many purchases have been made so I thought I'd make it a little

cheaper. It's about the best I can do. Hope it's OK.

Now just $22.00 and will stay there. I'm working on burning program to Disc. and a

possible distribution agreement.

I'll butt out now and sit in the shadow for awhile. Thanks for hearing me out.

All the best to you and yours,


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  • Admin

Hello Scotty,

Hell, from what I can see your program is worth every penny of $30! I'm sure since you dropped the price down to $22 you're going to sell a bunch.

Like I said, I used a Microsoft Spreadsheet for years, but it's nothing like your program. Yours even allows you to upload pictures to each entry. Pretty slick when you can go back and look at the picture and then say, "Yep, that was that piece I dug under that dead cactus, which weighed 8.2 Grams!" :P

If I upload any more programs on my old PC it will explode! I think I'm still running on 384 Memory. :o

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Scotty you just made a great deal even better.

Guess folks think they'll remember everything forever.

Anybody serious about any type of metal detecting should own one of these.

Beach hunters should really buy this item along with a GPS. When a storm cuts the beach and you find a good hot spot, things change within a short time and it's hard to remember just where you were.

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You are a gentleman and an allright guy!

I appreciate you wanting to refund me the $5.00 off of my purchase price. That is a very nice thing to do!

But I am going to cancel the refund you sent to me on Paypal!

And I'll tell you why!

The program that you developed is very good! It has a lot of features that I am finding very usefull to cataloging my finds as well as locations that in looking at my photos of my two trips to AZ that I want to go back and visit. By using your program, I can pre-build my database to set up places where I want to explore and prospect and with your ability to tag a location with photos, it is very easy to create a jpeg map and attach it to the location even though I have no nuggets from that location yet.

Your program therefore has a lot of value.

Yes, I could have used excel and interfaced it with Access, etc. but it would have taken me hours!

Instead for 27.xx pluse a few minutes of my time to download and to install your software, I now have an excellent solution that perfectly fits my needs.

It is as if I had spec'd out the features and functions that I wanted and you custom developed it for me!

With all this being said and a lot I haven't said....cause I could sing on a lot more.......even though my Irish Sitter is howling in tune with me! lol

I believe in paying fair value! And what I paid for your program was a fair price!

I thank you and I appreciate your thoughtfullness and the gesture!

One day we might meet up, get a cup of coffee and swap lies!

So have a great weekend Scotty!



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Thanks. Your a good man.

I live on coffee...anytime! Lies?...well lets just say I've had my share

of practicin' . :lol::lol::lol:

garimpo- Thanks again dude for the kudos,..are you lookin' for a sales position or what? ;)

just kiddin'. Glad you guys are happy...that's what matters to me most.

Keep your Coil to the Soil.



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Raise the price 'til folks start buying it, ok well maybe not the best idea, but that is a nice price you have quoted there and I'm sure many will eventually get around to buying their own copy, self included. Also, I got to thinking, some people like to have a paper copy as well, so if your program does not have this feature, in a future version it may be worth adding the option to provide a printable screen version like some websites offer for those who want an additional paper version they can place on the shelf.


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Great program SCOTTY, everyone needs one, a Hard DISC. will sell like hotcakes I'm sure. I know now I can keep a better eye on my finds, better than pen and paper. The people on the forums just blow my mind with the knowledge they have and share. Thanks for developing this its great. Grubstake :rolleyes::rolleyes::D:D

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