The heat broke

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My partner Jeff got of work early Friday and we decided to go look this new area over that I found the chunk of ore/gold at. What really makes this spot nice is that its 20 minutes away and 10 degrees cooler. We had decided to start gridding 2 areas. 2hrs max in each spot.

Well the first spot turned up a wide assortment of items. First of course was the wide assortment of lead bullets, round and square nails, to old cans and enough wire to tye up 20 people. This spot was not a total loss in that we found a very good spot to drywash. 3 little washes cut the main vein and 3 others til they all come together into 1 wash. We will be looking into that.

The 2nd area is where we found the ore/gold piece. The area that we have blocked out is apox. the size of a football field. Jeff started at the bottom of the hill and I started at the top. Again, we found the usual assortment of detector trash. I was working the larger mine tailings dump when I got a very solid hit. I found 4 little pieces of ore about the size of a thumb nail. These 4 little pieces made my GB2 scream and Jeff MXT wasn't silent either. Well we both spent close to 20 minutes looking at the rock with the loop and saw nothing. I saved them anyway and crushed them up Saturday morning and paned them. Much to my amazement I had 12 little points in my pan. I'm sorry about no pictures, the batteries were dead in the camera. I will attach 2 pictures of the 2 areas we were in. The first picture is the dump I found the little pieces at. The scond picture is from the area that we didn't get anything at and the third picture is of the ore I found couple weeks ago..


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Thanks for the update Bob. Yep, I have a pretty good idea as to where guys are. Now if you could just get safely down inside the mine again........!!? B)


Yup Gary we wish we could get back down in both mines. Safety factor first, which means we don't want to repel backdown due to the instibility of the earth.


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