Moore Creek Alaska Gold

Guest keninla

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Guest keninla

Just got the pictures back and thought that I would share them.

The first picture from back left- small fine gold, larger gold, pickers and small nuggets and last is the larger nugget. The spot in the middle of the nugget is some iron stained quartz. I am in the process of using oxalic acid to take out the stain. When I get done the quartz should be all white. very pretty.

In the forground is a dime and a pendant that I am giving to my granddaughter. I got the clear pendant piece and gold chain at Alaska Mining and Diving. The clear plastic part comes apart and inside I put some of the fine gold that I got. It really turned out very nice.

The second pic is an overhead shot of the pieces. Shows size a little better.

All of this came out of the same hole. Picture 3.




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Guest keninla
WOW! You got a bunch of nice pickers! That looks like up on the hill where George found that choice nugget. Did you try up in that groove above the pond?

This was at the lower end of a ravine above the pond near camp. The report is that the old timers used that ravine with a large sluice and their operation was not very efficient so they lost a lot of gold. Wish I could have mined the whole ravine.

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