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First of all that I am not butt kissing nor do I get a profit from sales nor am I in cahoots with Rob.

I wanted to say that Rob needs credit for his great customer service and if I need somthing, I go to Rob first.

Rob is honist and will not sell you somthing you don't need, tells it like it is and answers emails fast.

He ships fast and you can look forward to it being there when he says it will be.

If I have problems with somthing, I notify him and he quickly ships me a new one before he even recieves my old item and makes sure it gets to me before the weekend! :D

Thanks again Rob!


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I'll throw my 2 cents in here also. Any questions, they are answered, quick service, yes, got my coil today :) Had a problem awhile back, still not sure what it was, but all works fine now. A genteman and a scholar!

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Well if you want to talk about Rob then I'll put my two cents in. I got the July package from him and what a great package it was. I didn't want it ship right away because I was gone but Rob called to be sure I was back before he ship it.This is not the first thing and will not be the last I buy from him.

So Rob has got my vote for good service and friendly person at that.


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My 3 cents worth!

Rob has to be without any doubt one of the most customer first business men I have ever had the pleasure to know! He will go out of his way to get you your equipment. He is always willing to share his knowledge of areas that you can find gold in. While I didn't buy my GP3000 from Rob, I have bought numerouos coils, books and other related items. We have shared many an hour on the phone talking about prospecting and detecting! In today's climate of fast paced business dealings, it is a real pleasure to find a honorable person who consistantly goes far and beyond just taking your money and sending you the order! I feel like I have done business with him for years and years! And I regard Rob as a friend! If I could be like anyone else, I would want to be like Rob! Not kidding! He is a one of a kind! An individual who has made a mark and a very positive impression with those who know him and do business with him! I have been on this earth 53 years this coming November and I can count on one hand people who I have known that "Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk" and are truly wonderful and considerate people! Rob is one of those individuals!

I teach martial arts! I endevor to bring out the best in my students, young and old! The Tenets of Tae Kwon Do are:

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit.

I find all of these quality attributes in Rob! Rob is a black belt quality person, friend and businessman in my book! He exhibits all the qualities that a master level black belt should have! He treats everyone with respect and humility!

I bow to and salute you Rob Allison!

If you ever need me, don't hesitate, just call me!

You have shown me kindness beyond measure!


Karl Baltz

Spring, Texas

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  • Admin

Hello Karl,

Thanks for the kind words. I knew the minute I talked with you the first time you were a great person. I'm looking forward to our hunt here in Arizona. I'm hoping we have some decent areas lined up by then, I don't want you to work too hard for nuggets! :D

P.S. Elly said she talked with you and also really enjoyed your conversation. She also said she was looking forward to meeting you in person. Hopefully they turn up some nice gold in the upcoming pushes.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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