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Hi all, I usually hunt for gold nuggets and meteorites, but with the hot weather we've had lately, the beach seems to be the place to be. I purchased an Explorer II recently and just added a Coiltek 15" WOT coil that I bought from Rob. Rob wanted me to post what I found first off with it and give my opinion as to the performance of the coil. Well I must say that the depth is superb and target seperation is fantastic as well. Took it out this morning for a test and this is what I found in 2 hours.

Thanks Rob for having what I wanted in stock and the super fast service. :) Till next time, happy hunting, John


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SoCalJohn... You are right on target... The beaches seem to be a good choice.

I was at the pier (San Clemente) Sunday. 1:17 PM was low tide; but as the tide

came back in, the waves were "angry." By about 3:30 rogue waves were

churning up pebbles and other stuff. But, I could not take advantage... I tried by

digging a low conductive signal originally in the surf/wet sand zone; but suddenly

was up to my waist in a rush of surf. I use a PI-type diving machine, but stick to the

wet sand as close to the surf as I can be. I have a balance problem... bad left knee.

I only use a short handled scoop. with the handle pointing in the opposite direction...

so I chop down. There has been a lot of visitors at the beaches the past month...

Detecting at Huntington was/is good... fresh drops.

Small world, I'm also into meteorites... By any chance do you know "Mas K." ?

To cut to the "quick" I will be in the AMDA hunt on Sunday at Laughlin.

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Hi socaljohn,

Abit off subject, no - the Coiltec WOT coil, on the Eureka Gold is also great for nugget hunting :blink: I would like to see more allterrain coils...

Coin, relic, or nugget hunting these coils give you more search area, land & wet :blink:

I was talking to Rob, and he wished they had a WOT coil for SD/GP detectors, that would be great, even better in DD PRO :D:D:D

P.S. COILTEC? ALLterrain coils :D

Take care,


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  • Admin

Hello John,

Thanks for posting the reports of your new Coiltek 15-WOT for the Explorer. This coil is a sleeper in my opinion and due to the amount sold. Coiltek really need to think about designing this coil for other detectors like the new X-Terra series. Right now the Completely Waterproof Coiltek 15-inch Round WOT Searchcoil can be used on the following detectors -

  • American Gold Striker
  • XT 17000
  • XT18000
  • Eureka Gold
  • All Minelab Musteteers Models
  • All Minelab Sovereign Models
  • Minelab Excalibur
  • All Minelab Explorer & Explorer II Models

Normally I have at least (2) for the Explorer Series in stock. I'm averaging one sale per week on them. I think this would be hot selling Mono coil for the Minelab SD/GP's, but what the heck do I know ... :rolleyes:

John, thanks for the recent business and hope you success continues.

Best regards,

Rob Allison

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  • Admin

Hello downntheholler,

I don't believe I have any of the batteries left for the American Gold Striker, but would have to look. I can get any parts for a Minelab within a few days if I don't have them in stock. I do have the Coiltek WOT coil for the American Gold Striker in stock though.

P.S. The American Gold Striker is an old detector, but I found a lot of gold with it back then. :D

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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