First Nuggets with Metal Detector !

Guest glen

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Found my first nuggets with my Lobo S.T. Nine in all. Smallest 1/4 gr. Biggest 7 gr. Had a blast. It's true what they say, after your 1st, it gets easier. :DB) So I learned to be patient and persistent. And it is important to know your detector in and out, and the only way to do that is to use it frequently. Will post pictures later. Thanks again for the advice that I got from some people on this forum. It helped.

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Hello Glen,

Congrats on the new nuggets finds. Looking forward to seeing a picture of them. Are you located here in Arizona? I used the Tesoro ST for some time years ago and really like the discrimination abilities of it. Hope your success continues out there. Thanks for sharing your story.

SpecialMe - If you're looking to stick with the Minelab brand of metal detectors, I would recommend the Explorer II, Sovereign or new X-Terra series for coin/relic hunting. If you're looking for a detector that can hunt coins, relics and gold nuggets you might consider the new Minelab X-Terra 70. Hope this helps a bit.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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