The Junction fire

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I got these pictures of my friend Pete S. dumping tree's at the fire, he also runs a 5"Keene dredge, this is after having two open heart surgeries...

Does a PI detector pick-up charcoal, like a VLF detector?

Take care,


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Big Ed,

Those are some great action shots!I used to live in FrenchGulch....One summer I unintentionaly started a small gold rush BACK to the original townsite grounds.I heard a fire wiped out a bunch of what was left of her last summer.The town of Peanut was a crack up to visit with potheads warring each other from across its only street.....mainstreet.I climbed the Alps when I was a teenager......lotta great country.



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Back in 96-97 I built trails/worked fires with the CCC. Your right about the potheads gettin all jumpy in those small towns. Almost looked like ants under attack when we would roll into town in our crew vehicles. When we would stop at the local supermarket theyd be asking all sorts of questions (were we going, what were doing, when were leaving, who else is involved) is was comical!!! No matter how far in we hiked 20+ miles, theyed always come check on us with rifles/horses! It kind of spooked me at first, but when they noticed that we were clearing out trails that only they used they would relax. Good times!! If I would have known then, what I know now, I would have been panning all those back wood streams!!!! Alot of work was done in the Trinity Alps, and Happy camp area......................darn it for not knowing.............................................

To say the least Edd those were some great pictures that brought back some great memories.........thanks.


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CCC huh?I spent my CCC days down in Imperial Beach,Ca. in 81' .......2 miles from Tiajauna,Mexico.We could see ilegal aliens(60-80 at a time)running right by the Corp...right by a goverment

Anyway,Hopefully I get to hunt a few haunts before the summers out.

Good luck,Bigfoot


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