What is it ? Need your help on this one.

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Hi gang. One of my prosecting buddies, Ray Flannagan, dropped by today and showed me a couple of goodies he had found out prospecting for gold.

The pliars look pretty self explanatory, something to remove a can full of boiling water or soup, coffee, from the fire, I assume.

But the thing that has us all baffled is that little tin can. Looks like a sardine can only big enough to hold a single sardine.

Any ideas?


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  • Admin

Hello Guys,

I remember seeing something that looked similar to that item in my Grandfather's tool garage. I know he didn't work with cattle, but did do a lot of hunting and camping. My best guess would be some type of campfire utensil.

I have no clue about the small container. If I had to make a guess I would say type of food or something that had to be fresh when sealed.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Guest sandtrap

Ah So!! when Chinese came to Amelica, many brought opium in bottles. As bottles "disappeared", one industrious fellow stared canning it,..., From then on, bottles became cans, which are now rusting away in desert. ? bottles very seldom being found.

!! Just having a little fun Doc. Just a one anchovie can. For those who want a short snack. You can tell I've been driving my Zuki too much today- need a break.....

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